Haven't gone to the doctors yet :(

I’m almost 16 years old and I’ve been worried about some of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing.I’d just like to say i’ve read through the stories of people who suffer from MS on this website and I’d just like to say you’re inspiring.

Anyway,for a while now i’ve been experiencing these following symptoms:

Trembling hands (A long time)

Fatigue (probably due to being a teen)

Weird eyesight shifting focus (Not often at all,but when i went to my optician for an eye test they said my eyes looked totally healthy)

Sometimes when i’m walking my right knee sort of buckles (probably not a symptom,just me being clumsy)

Sometimes whilst stood up i’ll become dizzy for no reason,as if i’ve spun around in circles,even though most of the time i’m not moving (about a year and a half)

Sharp stabbing pains in my face and occasionally my right shoulder and other places,usually my eyebrow (About half a year for the pains in my face,about two weeks for my shoulder)

But most worrying of them all,i’d be laying in bed with my legs not being constricted at all and i’d have these strong tingling feelings sort of rippling outwards from just above my kneecaps.But recently my big toe on my left foot and the one next to it have been going sort of numb,like a dull tingling in the center of the tips of my toes and sometimes my legs and/or feet will spasm or kick out whilst in bed or when i was sitting at my desk at school (within the past 6 months)

I’m sure it’s nothing and most of these symptoms are likely my mind playing tricks on me but i’d be grateful for any advice,as i’m reluctant to see the Doctors,as i doubt that there’s anything wrong with me,and don’t want to waste their time and look like an idiot.Thank you.(P.S i’m sorry for how this was written,it’s currently 1:45AM)

Hi NotTooSure and welcome.

I’m afraid a visit to your GP is unavoidable if you want to get to the bottom of these worrying symptoms.

He/She can’t diagnose the problem but you need a referral to a neurologist who will arrange tests. At 15 yrs old you will need a parent/guardian’s consent for some of the tests so I’d advise talking to them first, if they are currently unaware of what’s going on.

Please don’t leave it, burying your head in the sand won’t help and your best bet is to get some answers as soon as you can. Referrals can take months depending on where about in the country you are (I’m assuming you are in the UK).

I assume the Google first brought you to the MS Society website; you are worrying about your health with no way of knowing whether you may have MS or not, so instead of lying awake at night scaring yourself, take control and be proactive.

I know you’re scared, we all were at that stage. But belive me, not knowing is far worse than having facts and focus.

You can do this, we are here to walk with you and support you. You say above that you find us inspiring - that’s because we stick together. So come on, hold our hands and let’s get going. First step, talk to those closest to you & get that GP appointment on Monday.

Good luck, keep in touch. x

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Good advice from AngC,

The uncertainty of not knowing what is going on is horrid and scary, the symptoms you describe could be indicative of various things, so it is important to try and identify whatever it is so that you and your support team can deal with it.

All the best


Thank you Mick

Thank You


You’re going through a massive transformation at the moment. You’re body is changing from a child to an adult. Even your brain is rewiring itself to prepare you for the challenges that you’ll face. There’s a lot going on at “NotTooSure” at the moment.

If you are worried about the things that you feel then please see your doctor. Any GP worth the name won’t think you are wasting their time and will want to put your mind to rest.

When I was your age I didn’t want to tell my parents how I felt, but I did talk to my doctor. He was very understanding. I’m now 61 and I’m glad I did. Because 46 years is far too long to be worried about things.

Best wishes,


Thank you Anthony