Worried for My mum - she can't cope

My mum is in her 70s and was diagnosed with MS a few years ago. In the past year she has deteriorated quickly. She has these “episodes” where she is in agony and is able to sit or lie down for the whole “episode” she is either walking or crawling on her hands and knees. She is in a terrible amount of pain. She has medication but this does not seem to be helping anymore. The last episode lasted 5 hours. She then slept for 6 hours and had another 5 hour episode. Has anyone heard of this before or have any advice. We have called for an ambulance twice before but they don’t seem to take it seriously. Any support is appreciated

Unless she has a supportive GP (in which case can you take her for an emergency appointment?), I would ring the MS nurse and ask for them to come out (and be there when they come). They are (in my opinion) the people who will know best whether it’s MS related, and are very good at ‘kickstarting’ any necessary referrals. I hope your Mum gets some help soon,she shouldn’t have to carry on like this and it must be a tremendous worry for both of you.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Why not discuss with your mum’s GP, about a referral to a pain clinic. There is no excuse for people to be in “terrible pain” not with today’s modern medicines. My husband wears a pain patch, which he changes every week…tops up his oral pain meds. This helps to control his pain. Get on to your mum’s Doc!!

Of course the MS nurse as well, like Mags suggests.

Take care x

Thanks auntiemogs and blossom I am going to the GPs with her on Friday. She had no idea about an MS available. She has a pain patch but they have given her morphine and Valium to manage these episodes but they are not helping. Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. Hope you are both well x x