Worried about steak pie gate

Ok so I’m very paranoid about this! Firstly you have my permission to laugh and rip me for this but anyway I shall start at the beginning.

I have been diagnosed 4yrs now and I must say I have been quite good at blaging my way through my condition. Well until a little while ago!

I met my partner just before my diagnosis and I can honestly say that he has been fantastic. I have met his family on countless occasions and get on with them all But when I have met them it has been individually or couple’s. I was invited to a very special family meal in a big arse kissin restaurant in the centre of Edinburgh (the Balmoral hotel).

I was a bit apprehensive 2 say the least coz it’s the first time I have met them all collectively.

So everyone arrived and all was well. Wine was flowing and jokes were cracking I was instantly relaxed. Starters went down a treat and so 2 the main course.

I made a fatal mistake I ordered steak pie!

The said steak pie arrived looking amazing so I promptly tucked in. Oh btw I was sitting adjacent to my future mother in law.

So I had a hand spasm and flicked the said steak pie over my white haired white blouse wearing future mother in law. I was mortified as most of them didn’t know about my MS. I excused myself and went for some fresh air. My partners mum followed me out and bless her she said it’s ok Paul I don’t think anyone noticed ( while picking stew from her eyebrows)

So to cut a short story long! I have another get together @ the weekend and my question is how the hell do i avoid the same?

(1) Bless your partner’s good judgement in having a nice mother.

(2) Stick to the salmon next time.




Thank you for sharing pie-gate, it made me giggle, sorry it was at your expense tho, so to you for sharing.

At a wedding a couple of months ago we went to a wedding. After saying hello to the rest of our table, I immediately warned the couple to my right that if I didn’t turn to face them when chatting, remind me or don’t freak about my eyes - as if I look right my eyes will go in in different directions due to nystagmus!

Spasms are rubbish, my problem is the odd wobbles and difficulty gripping. So it’s on my to-do list to get special special easy grip cutlery to carry in my handbag. Would something like that help you maybe? Hubby often either cuts thing up a little for me (he slices sausages lengthways for me so I an cut easier or he gets me a sharp knife if there’s gonna be much cutting up - that’s fine at home but tough when gong out it’s tougher, so I need to get some cutlery to avoid any accidents

Sonia x

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As Alison says what a lovely lady your future mother in law is. I am sure that in the future you will both laugh about it (it may even form part of the speech at your wedding…“I knew that he would fit into our family when he so selflessly shared his steak pie with me at our first family get together!”)

Not sure how you can avoid it unless you advise her on future outings to wear only wipe clean fabrics or something patterned! (sorry still laughing at the image of her picking pie out of her eyebrow!) I have only had this happen occasionally but wouldn’t you know it is always in public! The best was when i threw a pair of nylon knickers in Primarny and I kid you not they landed on a lady’s head! This was prior to my diagnosis and I thought I had got an electric shock from the cheap fabric!

Seriously though the test of a person is how they react in situations when things don’t go according to plan and she just passed with flying colours. I think what ever happens this weekend between your partner and your mother in law they will have your back so don’t worry just enjoy yourself and congratulate yourself on your fantastic choice of partner!

Thank you for the giggle this morning.

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I think you just have to realise thes things just happen sometimes, MS or not, my mother did similar with colslaw at my son’s wedding (no MS) and pre dx I had a leg spasm which caused me to kick the lady in front…in the head! this was temp seating, Hyde Park, Michael Flattley, so 20 years ago, the lady was really nice about it, shared the rest of her bottle of wine with us, sis was with me!

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  • Thanks for making me laugh as well.I’ve had occasions like you as well.when we go out to eat I always or my hubby does make sure I eat with a small fork not one of those ones that are like a pitch fork.oohoh aanandand iI never get soup or ice cream as that is just asking for big trouble.thanks for sharing
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Ah yes, never wear a white t-shirt, thats asking for trouble. My son always says, we can’t take you anywhere…(thankfully he’s joking!) i once karate chopped a wine glass (empty) in a restaurant…

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