Feeling Scared

The last couple of weeks I have become increasingly worried about things. My MS has caused Nystagmus which I thought was only in one eye but when I saw eye Specialist a couple of weeks ago she said there are signs of it in other eye. I am now worrying about my sight deteriorating and not being able to work or drive.

i currently work full time in an office and my husband doesn’t drive. I guess I am worrying about the what ifs, how will we get by and manage on no one driving. Although he has been learning he is fine with me co driving but suffered panic attacks when went with instructor, so I don’t think it will ever happen.

We don’t live on mainland UK but in Channel Islands so different benefits and access to specialists/meds.

Just seem to be focusing on negatives instead of positives at the moment. Even thought about if unable to work we would need to sell house and use capital to rent privately etc. I could cry a lot of the time.

I was dx 4 years ago in April and still haven’t told the children as I was waiting until they were older (they are 10 nearly 11 and 7). Im not sure if anything I’m doing is right anymore. I have always tried to be positive about my dx but now I’m scared and worrying about ‘what ifs’.

The specialists have not taken away my license and when I saw her a couple of weeks ago she said she would see me in a year, surely if that bad she would be seeing me earlier and have taken me off roads? No mention of meds/op. I phoned last week as experiencing eye pain and seeing a locum eye specialist Monday.

I guess I’m just scared.


Not surprised, you’ve got lots to be scared about. But they don’t take away driving licences except in extreme circumstances, I gather, which you’d know about well before it became an issue. It was a terribly hard day when I first got my diagnosis and had to send mine back, but it was returned as a 3-year one with no issues. Just had to confirm that no special controls needed to be fitted to the cars I drive. Nobody can tell how this Malarkey is going to go, and I can’t say ‘try not to stress about it’ because I know I did! but it is probably not going to be an issue… and the insurance didn’t go up either, they’re not allowed to put premiums up because of the dx. I’m trying just to avoid worrying about things until they happen, now…

Fracastorius (Jane)

Hi Tracey

Feeling scared about the future is inevitable, and it can be hard to stop those 'what if?'s whirring round your head. The thing to remember with a lot of fears, though, is that they are not fact. They rely on us imagining there are all kinds of big monsters lurking in the dark, when in reality there is very different. However, probably the main reason you can’t stop the 'what if?'s from whirring is that you don’t have anything to answer them with - yet. So I’d recommend writing down all those fears & questions, share them with other people, and endeavour to find out actual facts to be able to answer them with. Do you have something a Citizens Advice Bureau you could speak to, or other benefits advice service? Other sources of advice could be an MS nurse, council social services, or disability support groups. Obviously, I don’t know what all the questions you have are, or how things work in the Channel Islands, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find out many things that will help put those fears to rest.


(PS Who are the specialists you mention at the end - is that the DVLA?)


thank you for your replies.

i am seeing specialist Opthamologist this morning, I’m petrified of what might be said.


hi, how did it go…sending you some hugs and support luv.



I saw specialist this morning and he said that no change on vision but to have a test done at Specsavers which will show my vision fields for driving, although he said no issues. I am a little confused as surely he would know???