Working out symptoms


i am incredibly fortunate and in my 10+ years of knowing I have MS have only experienced occasional sensory type symptoms (apart from the relapse that lead to diagnosis)

Each time, I have had the symptoms and they have vanished after 6 weeks.

i am currently 4 weeks in to having a ‘fizzy’ left arm. It’s very annoying but really not that bad as it’s not stopping me doing anything. Just constant pins and needles and heaviness.

My issue is that when I had my initial MRIs, it showed I had a disc protrusion in my neck so I know that could cause arm symptoms too. How do I know whether it’s something not related to MS?! It’s tricky!!

Also, has anyone found anything that helps with pins and needles??

thank you to anyone who reads this, hope you have a good day!

hi i’m an awkward b*gger when it comes to meds. all good for a while then i notice all these side effects so i stop taking them. however i was prescribed Amitriptyline for pins and needles and other aches n pains. it was ok but the pins and needles never went away. everyone has their own symptoms, their own way of dealing with meds. so see your GP who will be able to prescribe something. better still, phone your ms nurse because s/he will be able to think of lots more drugs and can ask your GP to prescribe them. maybe your GP can refer you to someone for your disc protrusion. i never fully appreciated the GPs until my diagnosis. so go see him/her. good luck carole x

Thank you for your reply!

ive actually not seen a dr or nurse at all since diagnosis, have just got on with the minor symptoms I have had. I think I’ll wait out the 6 weeks and see what happens! It’s not a bad symptom, just irritating!!

It could be triggered by the weird weather we are having. I have had way more weird stuff going on at the moment. the heat, high humidity mugginess is a bad thing for me.

I think your being sensible. to be honest i have tried nearly all the meds for these weird paraesthesia MS can throw at us. I found they spaced me out and made me feel awful and i could barely get out of bed. I just put up with them all now. I find they go in a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, and i tend to do things so i am not thinking about them lol. I woke up early to really bad tingly legs this morning (it was muggy in the night), its still there but by mooching on Internet i can almost tune it out lol. I have PPMS though so not necessarily one for relapses.

when i spoke to my pain clinic doctor and my neuro they both said the same they are designed to keep you sort of out of it lol.

My best part of the day is the morning i dont want it ruined by feeling like i am in a space ship lol. x