Hi everyone… Have joined a walking group recently as I have had to give up work. Really enjoy getting out and people as I’d become a bit of a recluse. The walks are generally 2/3 miles but I’ve been experiencing something strange. As I walk, towards the end of the walk, I appear to be unable to walk straight and even if I take a stick I’m having to be supported. I feel as if my body is veering to the left from the waist upwards. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I’m secondin progressive…! and was diagnosed almost 16 Years ago RRMS. With thanks. Ann x

hi ann,

your walking group sounds lovely and will be doing you good.

is it the other group members who are supporting you towards the end of the walk?

if so, do they mind? do you mind?

could your ms nurse arrange physio for you?

i’ve listed to starboard since 2008, even my face droops on one side.

another idea is direct payments so that you could have a carer with you.

it would be a pity to give up on the walking group.

carole x

Have you tried walking poles - one in each hand really holds you up straight and well balanced. And they do not look like a ‘mobility aid’ - Makes walking more of a pleasure.