I’ve noticed over the last couple of months my walking has been off and on, considerably worse than usual. However the last week it has been really difficult. It’s hard to get my legs moving faster than a snails pace and even harder to get them to hold me up. I also get quite ‘disorientated’ when walking out and about which adds to my instability.

I’m due to take my little boy to legoland in 2 weeks and worried that I’m not going to get around to easily (even with my stick which I occasionally use).

Was just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions as to what I can do to ensure that my weekend away isn’t ruined by this.

Thank you x

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sorry ive probably have no tips

for me the only thing i find is a a little bit of stretching <, not too much as the spasticy gives a bit of leg strength~> and rest.

my only advice is to slightly loosen loosen the muscles and dont worry about the holiday and take it easy for the few days before your trip to build up your strength.

sorry i cant help more


Have you tried a rollator? they do a really good job keeping you upright and balanced most have a seat to use when stationary. I’m sure you would be able to hire one or loan one from the Neuro Physio failing that you could hire a wheelchair if you have someone to push you.

Let us know how it goes, I’m about to book a trip to Legoland for my Granddaughter and I’m a little concerned about uneven walkways…did I just say that after advising you to hire a chair!!!

Jan x

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Do Lego land provide wheelchairs for use? If not, consider hiring one for the day maybe? Even if you only use it to push along, it will give you support more than a stick and might give you a bit of stamina.


Hi, not sure if you can hire a mobility scooter but that also would be good as then you don’t need someone to push you and your independent

Polly x

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You could try crutch(es). They give more stability than a stick. Or a rollater with a seat. Without going the whole way to a wheelchair. But as others have said, you could loan a scooter from the park. Have a look at their website and see what they offer. Don’t let mobility spoil your day out!


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Most large attractions loan out wheelchairs and scooters.

It would help you enjoy the day better if you use either.



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I’ve invested in a reconditioned scooter, rolator and crutches depending on where I’m going and how my walking is on the day I use one of them. My grandson is 4 and I can take him out now he loves being on the scooter with me. Although I want to keep mobile, it just isn’t possible if I want to go out and it’s a long walk. So it’s opened my world up and goes in the boot of my car


My 4 grandkids all loved to ride on my scooter and later, my wheelchair.

I am a really special grandma, `cos none of their friends grandmas have such fun for them!

Lucky me!!



Lego land website says

Manual wheelchair hire is available on a first-come first-served basis from outside The Big LEGO Shop, just inside the turnstiles. A returnable deposit is required. We regret that wheelchairs hired from LEGOLAND cannot be taken past the turnstiles into the car parks.'

No electric scooters though as it’'s quite hilly.

Hope there’s someone to push you and you have a lovely day.

Jen x