Wits End.

i have been suffering with fatigue for 6 years now, last year I started getting numbness in parts of my face, this has spread to ahnds, feet, back of left heel and chest, i have tremor and weakness in my left arm, (new since scan) when people look me in the eye they think im either winking at them or doing an impression of mad eye moody (new since scan) .and since it started it,s never stopped, it just eases alittle then comes back although my last relapse if that waht it is has stayed at it’s worse for over 3 months, im sick to death of it, I went to my gp with the numbness last Oct and finally i will get the results of my first scan ( april ) on monday, i can only assume that as it has taken so long they didnt find anything, and please someone tell me why oh why my toes keep curling up! because it flippin hurts lol.

rant over…breaths :slight_smile:

Hi Ame, sounds like you’re really going through it.

Are you seeing neuro on Monday? Make a list of the new symptoms so you don’t forget anything.

Yes the toes curling up can be sign of nerve damage and horrid.

Just because it’s a long time since your scan doesn’t really mean there was nothing on it. I didn’t know the results of my first scan until I went for scheduled appointment months later. Same with results of my LP.

Hang on in there and wait and see what neuro says. If nothing shows on scan ask neuro if it’s possible to have LP. They might want to do that even if something does show on scan.

Good luck for Monday. Let’s hope you get some answers and some med’s to help with symptoms.

Pat x

What a crazy length of time to have to wait for MRI results! That’s sheer torture :frowning:

There are probably a few reasons for your toes curling, but there is bound to be a med and/or physio treatment for it - please make sure that you ask for help with it when you see the neuro. Even if the neuro wants to discharge you (I certainly hope not!), be assertive about getting help for your worst symptoms.

Good luck!

Karen x

thanks guys ive got everything crossed too, thanks for your kind words sorry to rant

never be sorry for ranting, its totally allowed here ((hugs)) hope things improve soon for you!

Well good news mri clear, symptoms still not going anywhere though, i think he thought i was making it up to be honest, frustrating, one of my newest symptoms is itching in my ear then my ear, under it and through to the inside of my mouth and throat going numb, you couldn’t make something like that up, and you can’t look something like that up but hey ho, got to go for some nerve induction tests, im assuming if i am numb at the time they will show something, he is checking for guillians bar syndrome ( spelt wrong i know).

as my mri was taken after my first period of numbness ect ( 7months ago no contrast ) is there a chance it could have been clear? and still have problems?.

anyway for the moment looking at the possitives, nothing to worry about on the scans and bloods clear so at least thats good news.

i will post how the induction tests go. cheers for your support.