Winter nights are drawing in !!

Ok it’s a Dark, Rainy, Wednesday Night and I need motivation to go out to Hydrotherapy for an hour long session.

I can hear myself say, Oh it’s Cold, I’ll get wet and I am tired: So how do I prod myself to go out.

My trick, I promise myself that I will pickup Fish and Chips with mushy peas on the way back home and if I am really good I can wash that down with an ice cold beer.

So what do you do to get motivation???

Hi, I have most of the day to enjoy outings, but hate going out at night…summer or winter! Because I sit all day, due to having zilch mobility, so I love to lie down and let my spc feel more comfy. Also I am tired after tea.

But I recently got my own car, which my carer drives for me. We`ve been out twice during the evening to shows and I have really enjoyed them. I dont have the thought of a fish and chip supper to tempt me!

It is a helluvan effort to wait for the clock to reach 6pm, without it equalling bed for me! I often forgo what would probably be a great evening out.

I need that motivation too.

Let`s hope someone gives us the extra oomph we need, eh?


Sometimes I need motivation to go out and get a couple of pints of beer so I promise myself that I’ll get a kebab on the way home and wash that down with some cold beer. Cheers! AD

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the promise of a gin was always my motivation but i need a break from the hangovers .

ah well at least i can sing my nina simone “… got my nose, got my teeth, got my liver…” without someone saying “not for long”.

carole (feeling somewhat deprived)



If you are feeling deprived, you might try to out smart this “reasonable” reflex, if you can consciously convince yourself that you are doing yourself a favour by your abstaining, you will get a double dose of feeling good. 1 when you abstain and 1 when you imbibe.

Who does not like double - bubble?

Like I said previously, it is about being happy whichever way you are going.

When my smug suggestions fail to work for me I go for a massive cheese / gin / yoghurt / choccy or marzipan frenzy after which I feel pretty sick which is my body saying "told you so ! "

so on some weird level, part of me is always a winner. simplezzzz



I think I just had a “forum frenzy” I do not feel sick but I WILL shut up M

been looking at upcoming evening events in my area for outings.

here`s what they are;

  1. 15th sept…Soul & Motown tribute, with 2 course meal…7pm…£15.95. I adore Mowtown

  2. 28th sept…fashion show with proceeds going to Heartbeat charity…£3 entry price…7pm

  3. 29th sept… Miss Syren and her friends drag act…plus meal …£15.95

Now 7pm is a reasonable start…

which would you pick?`re allowed to choose 2 events.


I will fly the flag 4 you Carole. Sue will to no doubt as she has realised how much she loves & missed Gin. Mr D can keep his version though, sounds dodgy & will most certainly cause scurvy, pox, blindness & plague.

Can’t beat your plan, Kozza.


Hi again.

Made my decision and booked some evening events.

Cant back out now!


Have a great time Poll. I think that they all sound interesting, but whether my eyelids would do the decent thing and stay awake is another thing entirely.


It`s the actual effort of not automatically thinking about bed around 4pm…but not putting my best frock on (which is my nighte) and instead, putting some lippy on and going out.

It`s so easy to get stuck in a rut, when i always enjoy other things than my NowTV films.

My hubby wouldnt even think of going out for the evening. So I`m doing these extra marital…hahaha, activities with my carer!

No offence with that last sentence guys!


My 3 children give me all the drive I need. They keep me going and going til I drop but I still have to get back up to look after them. Love them all xxx

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Oh my Lord & you lot!!! Would we have it any other way? Thought not xx

@ mogace i’ve abstained since last friday and now having a lovely gin with assorted fruits in it. @ boudicca - i’d go to the drag act. hope you are all having a great evening carole x

the drag act lost in the choice! Motown I adore!