Off to paint the town red

I’m going out tonight to a fancy do. Got my dress, stayed in bed till 11 this morning and have just had a bath and put my rollers in :slight_smile: Going to chill for the next few hours till its time to get ready. I’m looking forward to my first proper night out since my dx at the start of June. Might even risk a few glasses of fizz! Going to try to wear red kitten heel shoes and have two friends primed to prop me up on either side if too wobbly. Started my rebif on Tuesday and so far no nasty side effects (apart from 2 red blotches at injection sites) so I’m good to go!

I hope you enjoy your night out, dont forget to take your rollers out before you go !!

Thanks Mick - will put a reminder in my phone!!

Wow…That sounds like,“Out,out”, not just “Out”

Enjoy, and be ready to spill the beans in more than one sense,

Wb x

Have a grrrreat time kid!


Have a fab time. Enjoy xx

Definitely out out! Thanks all. And the bonus is I can spend all day tomorrow in bed to recover :wink: x

Have a great night hun. We’re off out too. I’m trying to decide whether to risk walking to the restaurant (about 1800yards) or not. Thinking if I take my time I might manage but scared I won’t but then don’t know till I try. Never thought these were the decisions id be debating a year ago. Have fun xxx and enjoy the fizz xx

Hope you have a wonderful night. Good luck with your heels. Linda x

Have a lovely time. Glad you have planned lots of rest before and after. I reckon you’ve earned a glass of fizz or two for being a brave girl and starting injections. Enjoy your evening

Tracey x

Had a lovely time and even managed a dance (bare feet obvs). Hope you had a good night lisalou

Had a lovely time and even managed a dance (bare feet obvs). Hope you had a good night lisalou

Had a great night too and walked (limped) back! Feeling a tad delicate now …must have been the food! :wink:

BRAVO…Sounds like the town was well and truly painted.Don’t forget to clean the brushes in white spirit.As for a Hair of the Dog,it’s a bit rough,but with something fizzy it’ll do if there’s nowt else.

Wb xx

A nice can of Irn Bru and roll and square sausage should sort out what is ailing you this morning. Hate after a night out something I ate makes me feel ill the next morning. Linda x

I’m feeling rough too - have spent half an hour googling rebif and alcohol! Level of hangover doesn’t quite seem to match amount drunk :confused:

Maybe it’s just that you’re out of practice.Get fluids in,and if you’ve got any honey get some in as well

Wb x