I'm back! With a question.

Hi everyone, I haven’t been on here for a few months been busy busy with the family and have felt (touch wood) pretty ok. Well I’ve been taking rebif now for about a year and a half and has gradually got to be part of my life. I was told to inject before bedtime so any side affects I might get I would sleep through, but I would wake up early hours aching and feel like I was having a panic attack. Last month we were going away for a weekend and diidnt want to drag my medication along and feel out of sorts for the weekend, so I did my injection in the morning before we left so I could enjoy the time away. I have felt much better doing this no aches and no anxiety! Maybe because I’m moving around and not lying in bed and my body stiffing up. I just wondererd if anyone else has made this change or any other thoughts on rebif. Thank you and merry Christmas all x

This is very interesting as im having the same problem with mine at the moment, ive only been on mine a few months, it was bad the first few weeks then i was ok and now im back to feeling rubbish again, i also do mine before bed so maybe i should try different times.

Hi thanks for your reply. Well if you try it hope it works it’s defo made a difference to me. Good luck hope you can keep in touch let me know the results you get x

Hi Marcus, I always take and always have taken my betaferon at night, but if changing to during the day works for you, that sounds good, just stick with it. Hope you had a good weekend away! Cheryl:)

Hi everyone and thank you all for your replies x sorry so long getting back but I’ve been having problems logging on it keeps telling me I’m putting the wrong password in, don’t know if anyone else is having this problem? Well I’m still doing my injection in the morning and has defo made a big difference to how I sleep no more aches and strange dreams through the night and I don’t feel so anxious. Keep well and hopefully talk again soon (if I can log in) x