Andy murry fighting on! Great tennis by murry tonight! Suffered with injuries yet he’s back fighting on!! That’s the spirit :clap:

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Love the tennis :tennis:. I have do have a claim to fame with tennis…
I have 4 children and all 4 played tennis at County level, we even had the talk from the LTA with my eldest as he was one of 12 in the region (Warks, Worcs, Glos, Shropshire & Staffs). One of my sons got to train with Judy Murry while my daughter was invited to meet Maria Sharapova!

I watched so much tennis I started teaching mini tennis at our local schools and y teams took part in Warwickshire mini tennis leagues. One year I had the best squad of 6 year old, 2 boys and 2 girls, who beat the big clubs of Edgbaston Archery and Edgbadton Priory winning the league. I was super proud of them all.

One of the players moved to Tasmania. She is now 20 and the no.1 female player there - Jessica Fowler. She’s now travelling and competing and getting some great wins. I have a promised seat in the box if she ever gets to Wimbledon :grinning:
You’ve just got to live tennis :tennis:

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That is a great story! So jealous she got to meet Maria! I have the biggest crush on her haha. Shame about Williams getting injured, alot of players seem to be slipping over on this new grass. Did you watch draper win the first set against Djokovic? He looks good for the future

Omg yes I did! A young force to look out for next year and don’t forget young Emma too!


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Also my son who trained with Judy met And dated Andy Murrays half sister! They met on holiday somewhere hot.ha ha

Now you’re just showing off Sharon :crazy_face:
I once hold a door open for piers Morgan. He didn’t say thank you.

Ha ha I’m nit surprised he’s a rude wotsit :rofl:

Come on Cereron Norrie and Emma Radicanu!

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