June & July - my favourite

:tennis: Grass court season for the tennis circuit :tennis: Dan Evans just won the Nottingham challenger tournament and Andy Murray was beaten in the deciding set of the Stuttgart final by Matteo Berrettini, who won Queens last year. Queens Club starts today (13th June), with Eastbourne, Edgbaston leading into Wimbledon 27th June - 10th July).

An orgy of top tennis on the telly, on the original and best surface. Plus it’s fun to watch the dust monkeys (clay court specialists) slithering around on the grass. If anyone wants me for the next 4 weeks, I’ll be the couch potato shouting at the TV!


I do like watching tennis but my real love is swimming.

My three daughters have all been competitive swimmers, my youngest is still competing. The 4 am starts are not too good through when you are the taxi !

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Yes, swimming was one of my big things too. I’m an old git now but competed for schools & uni “back in the day”. In the pool before school is inhuman, especially when your mates don’t have to.

It’s kicking off already. Rublev (world #8) has been knocked out of the Halle grass tournament in the first round and Fritz (world #14) has been beaten on day 1 by promising British youngster, Jack Draper. Cam Norrie (Brit #1) up next at Queens Centre Court, with a tricky first round match against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, who is pretty useful on grass. Could be interesting - Dimitrov may be ranked #22 to Norrie’s #11 but could well be the better grass court player.

There was a thread recently about naming one’s passion - I’ve just declared mine!

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After my Wimbledon fortnight on the sofa, I used to vanish from family life for a further 4 days for The Open because I love golf too. It was lovely when the BBC could still afford it!

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Love a bit of summer UK tennis - my wife is glued every year to Wimbledon, actually took her there 10 years ago for here 40th birthday - where does time go?

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@Redman - 2012 was my last visit to Wimbledon too :sob:

2013 first glimmers of MS though misdiagnosed. PPMS now and would need my electric chair to do it now.

A lot can happen in 10 years, sadly. That’s why I don’t often look back - hands are full making the best of the future :+1:


Apologies - it was 2011 when we were at Wimbledon - centre court on the 1st day - 11 years ago - mad


Berretini is pretty good, doesn’t hurt that he’s nice to look at too.

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Now you have me scratching my head. I remember I had Pimms, Strawberries and cream, oh and the rain but not the year. At a guess @ 2005.

I can’t even remember who played, yet I watch Wimbledon every year. Can you believe that my friend and I had debenture tickets but rain stopped play.

Did anyone buy the towels, I did, sad case I know ….

I am a massive tennis fan-absolutely love Wimbledon and have been very lucky to visit in recent years pre covid. I am going again this year have got cc tickets and can’t wait. Shame my fave player Federer isn’t playing this year.

i reamember when i wa a child that every sunday i was going to a lake just to have fun with my friends where we were playing a lot of games

I grew up around tennis dad played every weekend and as kids we sat and watched him play. We were never encouraged to join a club. We just played along the street, or whilst on holiday in the camping field.

I remember we always went on holiday during Wimbledon. Dad had the commentary on the radio.

If we got home before the second week of play was out, we would watch on the television.

Good times.

Men’s semi… Thankfully the rain did not stop play today. Looking forward to the final…

Berrettini defending his Queen’s Club title today (1:30pm, BBC2) and Hurkacz playing Medvedev in Halle, Germany (2pm Amzn Prime).

Then a week to go before Wimbledon. Surely it won’t be Djokovic or Nadal again?

Just watched the end of the men’s final… what a lovely guy, so polite. Looking forward to Wimbledon… would be great to see him in the final.

Ahh yes i love to watch a bit of tennis too. Growing up i was invited to a tennis scouting session back in the day around 1977 ish aged 11.Sadly, i wasnt selected but 3 decades later we were given the Wimbledon talk as my son was one of the top 2 in Worcestershire and in the top 10 in the region.

After playing myself and watching soo many tennis lessons i helped a lovely older gentleman teach mini tennis. When he moved on i took over helping to train my mini tennis squad to be champions in Warwickshire beating the big clubs of Edgebadton Priory & Archery Clubs.

One of my players moved to Tasmania and was spotted rather quickly and is now on the Pro circuit!

Needness to say i’m a rather proud mum and ex tennis coach. :tennis:


That’s a legacy to be proud of :tennis: :trophy: Well done!


Matt Le Tissier interviewed Pat Cash about the week ago. Was very good interview, about Pat’s views, career and Wimbledon win…