Jonathan Marray and Frederik Nielsen - way to go!

Jonathan Marray is the first Briton to win the Wimbledon men's doubles title for 76 years after victory with wildcard partner Frederik Nielsen. 

The last man to win a Wimbledon title (as far as my MS foggy brain can remember!) was a Murray.  Hopefully it'll be a Murray (mixed doubles), Marray (mens doubles) and tomorrow another Murray (mens singles)!

Congratulations to Jonny and Freddie!  Especially as I'm half Danish to I like to see a Brit-Dane mixture doing good!

Roll on tomorrow......

p.s. I won't be watching the Formula 1.  It's Wimbledon all the way for me.....

I hope I stay awake   lol

It is always great to hear of these wins, it's a much needed lift for the UK as a whole, but F1 in our house I'm afraid.

Enjoy Wimbledon.



I am able to enjoy Wimbledon as Martin, my other half, is working today.  He was working yesterday 4pm to midnight and he did ask me about the qualifying.  I'd been watching the tennis so I didn't really know!

Q - did it stop raining
A - I suppose so

What does he expect at 12:30 in the morning?!?