We have a Wimbledon champion

What an afternoon yesterday… I couldn’t make up my mind what was more knackering the heat or the tennis. I don’t care I’m happy in spite of my damned headacheSending happy thoughts to everyone, keep cool M x

I don’t watch the tennis but nevertheless am thrilled about Andy Murray winning!

M for the headache… remember the magic of 1 paracetamol & 1 ibuprofin.

Pat x

Hi, I watched it yesterday, what a great match. It was exhausting just watching . He did it, well done andy, what a star. Tim

Fantastic result - I loved it! Teresa xx

Totally glued to the match - fabulous result.

I have calmed down, my headache went away with the usual treatment - thanks Pat How dashed hot is it? It’s driving me mad, the fan is in the hut, bloody stupid place for it to be. M x