Easy day today

Hi everyone

Hope today is being kind to you all, cooler here today, I am so glad, sorry to all those who find the heat useful.

I have had such a busy week, Tuesday was appointment with Continence nurse trying to sort problems in that area, sachets and exercises (same as we all did after giving birth). At the moment she does not want me to do ISC cos I take warfarin and think I will bleed, so trying exercises first.

Wednesday was RA hand clinic, splints made, compression gloves and given exercises to help with swelling.

Thursday was Podiatry, insoles and splints and given exercises to help with swelling and stiffness.

Have you noticed the theme going on here?

Anyway I I’ll try it all to see if it helps, but today is going to be quiet.

And to cap it all off Andy Murray and Jo Konta are both out of Wimbledon!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, 3 weeks tomorrow until the football season opens…can’t wait.

Pam x

Its cooler here today too thank goodness,im no good at all in the heat,especially when its humid heat,thats a killer for me.

hope you are enjoying your easy day.

J x

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Dont you sometimes think that if it wasnt for medical appointments, we`d never get out of the house!



Definitely agree Poll x

Pam x

Hi Mrs J

Its been lovely, thanks, sun has been out with a lovely breeze.

Pam x

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Hello Pam.

The cool is wonderful.That sounds like a busy week.

Time to relax.

Steve x

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