Will Clonazapam Interact wiith Baclofen and Gabapentin

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing ok.

I’m about to start a low dose of Clonazapam 0.25 for painful spasms throughout the night.

Does anyone know if there are interactions between Clonazapam and Baclofen, Gabapentin and Amitriptyline.

I’m waiting for my MS Nurse to call me back. I’ve looked at the instruction label and jsut got confused to be honest.

Just wondered if anyone else is on Clonazapam along with the others.

Thanks for your help, as always.

Shazzie xxx

Shouldn’t be a problem Shazzie.

I take Cloneazepam, Baclofen and Amitriptyline. When I was in hospital they gave me Gabapentin (apparently it can be used in an ‘as needed’ way for nerve pain, and might even work better on an ad hoc basis).

Clonazepam is a fabulous drug. It works brilliantly for spasms and helps with sleep too. You just have to be careful about how much you take. Having said that, I take 2mg in total, which is the maximum I’ve been told to take.

Hope you’re well.

Sue xx

Thanks Sue.

I’m good thanks huni. The spasms through the night have been soooo painful. Hope you’re doing ok too with all the ops you’ve had lately. Hope you are getting on ok with the SPC.

I am only going to take 0.25 of Clonazapam and increase to 0.50 if I need to.

Thanks so much for your help Sue as always.

Shazzie xx