Hello everyone.

Has anyone taken Clonazepam. I am about to start taking this, it was prescribed by my nuero if Tizanidine did not help. I have bad spasricity in my right leg which has now spread to my rt arm too. I have tried Baclofen, Gabapentin and Tizanidine, all with no success, either did not help or side effects were intolerable.

If you have taken Clonazepam did it help?


i havent been given this yet. just on tizanidine but seems to be doing little to help.

i’ll be interested in any replies you get. its good to know which meds you do not want to try.

anyway bump!

carole x

I would be interested in the replies. I have a box of this in the cupboard as an emergency meds for when I get cluster seizures. I haven’t used it for my ms symptoms, I might give it a go tonight as it does make me drowsy.

Hi Caro,

Yes I take clonazepam because I was having the most awful myoclonic jerks. It has worked wonders for me. I used to be up most of the night jerking all over and just couldn’t get to sleep. I started on 500 micrograms and slowly increased the dosage by 500 micrograms at a time I now take 3 mg every night and I sleep like a log. It has worked for me, although I still do jerk occasionally during the day but find it occurs more when I’m tired.

I hope this helps and wish you luck that it works for you.

Hi Nikkinakkinoo,

I understand that they also use this drug for epilepsy.



P.S. Forgot to mention, at first it gave me horrible headaches but I persevered and they disappeared.



Thank you everyone for your replies. It seems this is quite a good drug for some people and definately worth a try.

Thanks again.