hi all

my rehab doc wants me to try this drug as its supposed to help with spasms as well as sleep. is anyone taking it and how does it work for you? i cant afford for my muscles to be any weaker than they are.

rhanks in advance


I was put on clonazepam first, but it didn't work for my kind of spasm so I was moved onto baclofen instead. I remember it made me really sleepy so I took it at bedtime. Worked wonders for my insomnia! Not sure about what it does to muscle strength though, sorry.

You can probably learn loads if you look it up on - it's a brilliant site.

Karen x

I take 0.5 mcg Clonazepam three times a day. It does help alot with the muscle jerks and occasional intention tremor I get. I can't comment on whether it will affect your muscle strength or not every individual is different.

Why don't you give it a try and if you can tolerate it and notice any benefits then you can stick with it, if it does not help or makes your muscles more weaker than they nornally are you can stop taking it.

Hope that helps.


Hi Zelda,

I take 3mg clonazepam at night as my myoclonic jerks were really bad at night. I did have them during the day as well but I just could not get to sleep for the jerking. I started on them very slowly and gradually built up now I vary rarely get them at night and sleep soundly. Still get them during the day but no where near as bad as they used to be.

Yes they do make you feel sleepy, that's why I was told to take them at night. As far as the muscle bit goes I don't seem to have noticed any difference. So try it, if it doesn't work for you I'm sure they will give you something else.

Janet x