Diazepam for spasms?

Hi all - the doctor today has given me diazepam for my muscle spasms, telling me to take 1-3 tablets (2mg) 3 times a day and experiment to see how much I need to make it work, yet the doctor I saw last time told me to avoid diazepam - confusing or what! Any advice?

Hi I take 5mg once a day in the evening, not sure I could cope with taking it through the day. It does help to relax me and it also helps me sleep, I also take Baclofen for spasms and Amitryptiline for pain. I would try it anything that helps is a bonus. Karen

I take clonazepam for my myoclonic jerks 3mg every night, and it works, although I do still jerk at times when I feel really tired. Have never tried diazepam.

Hope it works for you.


I would def try it when you have no need to drive/work etc if you do go with it, as you need to know if it has a sedative effect on you. I know it has its place in many peoples lives but it seems a strange one to start on for spasms. Have you tried and not got on with the more usual meds?