Baclofen and Clonazepam

HI folks

It has been a long time since I used this forum. I am taking 50mg of baclofen per day. Morning 20mg, afternoon 20mg, and at bedtime 10mg. This was working out fie for me. Then my neurologist added 500mcg of clonazepam to take at bedtime. I don’;t feel any benefot from it and wonder if anyone else takes it and what it does for them.


Hi 90 take it for night time spasms but one .5 mg tablet a bit wobbly in the morning but certainly helps .

Hi March

I take both Baclofen and Cloneazepam.

Why did the neurologist prescribe Cloneazepam? Was it because you were finding that you were continuing to have spasms or high tone in your legs etc at night? Or due to for eg tremor or some other symptom?

I actually take quite a bit more Cloneazepam than you, but as a result I decreased the amount of Baclofen I take. It’s possible that you could change the timings / weighting of the drugs you take at different time of the day to get a better effect. I have been taking Baclofen for years and had got to the maximum of 80mg but was still having spasms waking me up at night plus a sort of inner tremor had developed, and I was feeling this in particular as I laid in bed at night. So my neurologist prescribed Cloneazepam. I now take generally 60mg of Baclofen and 2mg of Cloneazepam broken up through the day with the weighting later in the day.

So I tend to take 1 x 10mg of Baclofen first thing, then 2 x 10mg together with 1 x 500mcg Cloneazepam at lunchtime. I then take 2 x 10mg of Baclofen together with 2 x 500mcg of Cloneazepam and 3 x 10mg of Amitriptyline at about 8pm, then 1 x 10mg of Baclofen and 1 x 500mcg of Cloneazepam last thing at night. There are occasional times when I’m still having spasms in my legs while laying in bed so I might take a further 10mg of Baclofen plus either 3.75mg or 7.5mg of Zopiclone to get to sleep.

This regimen suits me for now. But often, tinkering with the times and weighting of the drugs might give you more useful relief from the symptoms you are experiencing.