low dose baclofen

hello, i use ten mg baclofen 3 times a day plus 1 spray of sativex 3 times a day, im not sure if it helps me at all but i find the sativex really helps me sleep at night. the baclofen stops my leg twitching at night, a higher dose of baclofen seems to destabize me, any views or comments please stanley ///(-_-)\\

Hi Stanley,

i was recommended Baclofen a year ago, but didn’t try it as I have balance issues. I caved in as my muscles were so taught, it became very difficult to move & rather uncomfortable. Blimey. 5mg 3 x a day suits me & so pleased. Interestingly, does nothing for my spasm, twitching & pain “shocks”, so need to use Gabapentin during the day & organically grown “Sativex” at night to help sleep. One thing I did find, that unless I take the Baclofen in the middle of a meal, I do get a bit nauseous. Glad a small dose is working. I think we’re all different- my GP describes,my constitution as sensitive. If you look at the instructions, you can have an awful lot more, so nice to know there is plenty of scope.


Hi Stanley,

Long time no see. Stuck in that lift again? :wink:

Personally, I’m fine on 60mg of Baclofen a day. I tend to split the first dose - one in the morning, one early afternoon, then take two about teatime, and two last thing at night. I sometimes mess about with the daytime ones, depending - i.e. if I’m having a particularly crampy afternoon, I’ll take one of the teatime ones earlier than scheduled.

But Baclofen seems to be one of those funny ones where people’s tolerance levels vary greatly. If you get problems when you try to raise it, you may have found your own personal limit.

I was going to say I love it, but realised that makes me sound like some kind of dope fiend! I don’t get a hit from it or anything (what a pity) - I just find it a good drug with no noticeable side effects. I’ve done all sorts of things you’re not really supposed to - like washing it down with gin. Not had any problems with that, either. Seems to be one of those drugs you either tolerate fine, or you don’t.

I’ve been very lucky.



I’ve been taking about 80mg of Baclofen for several years - to help with stiffness and spasms. I’ve always been able to tolerate it pretty well and haven’t really even noticed weakness. Although as I can only walk a little bit (with FES and walker), it may be that it’s made me weaker and I’ve just not noticed. Recently though I’ve been suffering from spasms through most afternoons and through the night regardless of the Baclofen. I asked the rehab neurologist I see whether I could try something else for spasms (he’s absolutely brilliant at medication) and he prescribed Clonazepam. It works fantastically well, it helps with sleep as well so I’ve been sleeping much better and not waking up with spasms (or kicking my OH)! It’s even lasting into the days a bit, although some afternoons I’ve started to get spasms again and have taken half a Clonazepam. I’ve reduced the Baclofen to about 50-60mg as a result. I haven’t noticed any difference in weakness / strength so I may try to reduce more gradually.

Blimey don’t we all have different reactions to drugs?