BACLOFEN Help pls?


Anna x


I was unaware of the fatigue slump from Baclofen, but I only take it at night to reduce spasm and avoid cramp. If your meds are not working out for you, your GP or neuro professionals should be able to help.

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I take 2 x Baclofen at the same time each morning, no “fatigue slump” for me, but thats not to say you don’t get it because meds effect everyone differently.

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Hi, I was advice very early on in my journey with MS to not take too much baclofen as it does cause fatigue, at the time because of how stiff my body went I was taking 90mg a day and felt bloody awful, so advise to reduce straight away, which I did, now I take 40mg a day, but unfortunately for me fatigue is still a big issue. Also a ohysio once told me when taking baclofen to increase your dose very slowly, ie by 5mg, as you see on the tablet’s there’s a lind, so Ibroke them in half, maybe try that, good luck.

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Hi folks

Gee-Wizz … I have SPMS & take 70mg of Baclofen per day! Plus 10mg Amitriptyline. My consultant says up to 100mg is

the limit. Then what? Baclofen Pump? What is a natural legal alternative Satifex?

Any advice will be appreciated?


Yep, told the same thing, increase/decrease half a tab at a time.

I’ve tried Sativex numerous times, it does nothing at all for me, apart from a lovely headache and heavier legs !

My consultant told me that getting the dose of oral Baclofen that works for each individual is all trial & error.

10mg might do nothing, 20mg might still do nothing, go back to 10mg and then try 5mg hour later and it might just work, but try the 15mg in one hit and nothing !!

Apparently the window of success with oral Baclofen is very very small, it really is a game of fiddling with the dosages but by small increments.

Too little does absolutely nothing, too much does nothing, but something in between might just trigger a positive response.