Baclofen; any side effects?

Hi there

Been taking this for 7 years, now up to 40mg at night. Am worried about side effects; anyone out there got anything to share here? (FYI, I’ve got PPMS, had for 10 years).



I’ve taken this for nearly 12yrs now, I’ve done ok, no real side effects, but I was given some good advice at the beginning, when increasing only do this by 5ml (1/2 a tablet) at a time.leave a week in between increasing doses and don’t go to high as it makes fatigue worse, I was on 90mg a day and fatigue wasn’t good, so decreased, now I’m on 55mg a day, mind over the years my fatigue has got worse, good luck.

Jean x

Hi, I was put on baclofen over 20 years ago for stiffness and spasms.

I was told to judge for myself what dose suited me. I was having daily falls and realised, too late, that it (baclofen at too high a dose,) was causing the falls. When this was reported to neuros, they took little interest and just said to continue.

I lost my mobility early on and was just left to deal with it. It took me a few years to work out why!



I have sort of the same problem with ‘Baclofen’ atm too. I am on a very little dose of 25mg through out the day and am struggling with this. My ‘Fatigue’ is terrible and I feel like it is 'sucking the life '; well our of me and my life.

I too was advised to start small (1/2 tablet) per dose and then up to what I needed. Doing it by half each time.

I after a while, went back to see my Physio, to try and see if there was anymore/ different kind of help. One that wouldn’t leave me feeling so ‘Zonked’ :frowning:

and was shocked to hear them saying - that she realy thought that 'cannibas based one, called sativex is the next thing to try…

Is anybody else in this situation plls?


It does seem like Baclofen is a substance that lends itself to experimentation. Some are much more tolerant to it than others.

Like Ty, I started low. Scared myself with zombie-like tendencies when taking too much, so backed out. Now take 10mg in the morning and two more does of 5mg during the day and seems about right for me.