Will be putting myself into care if the worst happens

Needed to share this with ppl. I wll be putting myself into care if something happens to my primary carer my brother who is 10yrs older than me. I just wouldn’t be able to cope on my own, not to mention I would miss him so much. He is the only one I have so it makes sense. I don’t know much about it. I have heard that you only get £20 or so per week as they take all your monies off you to pay for your care. Anyone know the answer to that one.

Any info or advice would be appreciated.


I am so sorry that you are having these thoughts. The future is a worry isn’t it?
Payment of care fees is complicated but essentially most of your benefit would go towards them leaving you with only a small personal allowance. You can find out quite a bit at
Put “care fees” / “benefits and care homes” into the search.
I hope that you won’t be faced with this any time soon.
Is care the only option? Could you manage in sheltered housing with help from social services? Perhaps you could talk it all through with someone from adult services. I find that having a plan in my mind helps me to face whatever this wretched disease throws at me. I’ve just moved into an adapted bungalow and I hope that this will help me to maintain my independence a little longer. I found the council were 100% helpful in putting in adaptations that I don’t need now but very well might in the near future. They talked about “future proofing”. You might find similar support (I know that I was incredibly lucky and it’s not a common experience but you never know…)