Cost of care

With all the news about cost of social care it started me thinking about my long term future.

I was just wondering if other people have made any financial provision for care costs.

Statistically my husband is likely to die before me and then (if not before) I will probably need residential care. I’m 46 (he’s 50) and I can currently walk for 10-15 minutes, any further and I use a wheelchair. The nature of the beast means I will deteriorate.

Just wondering what provision we should be making for my care.

Thanks for any responses.

Sarah x

Hi Sarah, interesting post. I moved into sheltered housing a few years back and glad I did… although care isn’t a part of it but at least there are staff here who know the system and how to apply for care costs.

I think most people like me, dependent on benefits, really can’t make any provision in financial sense.

I try not to worry about it as nothing I can do about it. Not sure what we should do.

I would however advise anyone over 55 to consider moving into sheltered. The whole building is accessable… no steps and hand-rails everywhere. If you need any aids & adaptations they make the referral to OT. If you need carers they know the system. Also you are not isolated and there are social activities.

Beyond that I’m not sure what else anyone can do.

BTW have you considered mobility scooter? Much more independence. Don’t know what I’d do without mine.

Pat x

Good advice Pat. It is my intention to move into sheltered housing if (perish the thought) I was without my hubby.

I have told my daughters, my sisters and my other carers of my wishes, as I could well be in such a state, if it ever came to it, that i`d be a total mess.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat and Poll,

Thanks for your comments. Sheltered housing could be an idea. We currently own our own home and have 2 children who are away at university and come back for the holidays. Hopefully they’ll secure employment after their studies and make their own way in the world. I suppose that would be the time to think about moving especially if I’m having problems getting upstairs.

I should have said I have got a scooter named Speedy and I enjoy taking Holly our cocker spaniel out for long walks. She used to be a bit podgy but trotting alongside me at 4mph has helped her shed the extra pounds!

The men in my husband’s family have got a reputation for dieing early. I never knew his father as he died when my husband was 15. His brother died in his early thirties and there are other men in the family who have passed away early. The women, on the other hand tend to live till their nineties!

My hubby has just turned 50 and with all the news about costs of social care it has just got me thinking and I suppose a bit down. I’m usually very positive so it’s come as a shock to the system! I’m coping by trying to be practical. We both would obviously like to leave the house to the children and not have to use that to fund my care. One idea we’ve had is to get some life insurance for my husband which would then look after me if he goes early - or more to pass on to the kids if he doesn’t! I hasten to add he’s fit and healthy and doesn’y look as if he’s going to pop off just yet!

Anyway, we’re all going to Iceland next month to celebrate his 50th and hopefully will see the northern lights so we’re looking forward to that. Incidentally, it’s actually been slightly warmer in Reykjavik than here recently!

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah, it is a worry… but of course every chance that your husband might live to get his card from the Queen! My 98 year old neighbour, a woman, lost all her female relatives at very young age… so who knows?

If you own the house outright, are you able to put the ownership into your children’s name now? I’m not sure if that’s legally possible but worth checking it out. The life insurance sounds a very good plan.

Iceland for his 50th!!! Well they do some very cheap food & free delivery… … seriously, sounds like a lovely plan. A friend of mine went to Denmark couple of years ago to see the northern lights. It was the year when we had very thick snow here… it was mild and sunny in Denmark!

Pat xx