Fiinancial planning for retirement with possible care costs

Hi, I am new to the forum; if this has already been covered-apologies. I am 60, SPMS, with lesions in my spine resulting in poor mobility. I use a rollator inside and a mobility scooter outside. I am trying to plan financially ahead for retirement. I think there is a fair chance I will need personal care sometime in the future. My husband is my age, and if I needed a lot of help, ideally, I would want the option of either affording to have carers or moving into a suitable care home rather than burdening my husband. Having no idea when, how long, or how much care I will need, I am finding it difficult to work out a ballpark figure to cover the costs. I know this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question, but I wondered if you had tried to figure it out or had any suggestions on where I could ask for advice. Many thanks:)

Hi, Maybe Age UK?

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I’ve just been looking there - not for the first time! . :grinning:

They say average £800 per week residential care and £1,000+ per week nursing, but it depends where you live.

I would use ballpark £50,000 per year for planning purposes. Being old and frail is a very expensive hobby.

Good idea-thanks

Thanks Alison, it is expensive being old!

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Isn’t it just? I’m a little older than you, so my interest in the subject is more than casual!

Hi Alison, I live in Suffolk & checked our local Care UK residential home website, and it charges from£1589/week for non-nursing care residents. It has more facilities than most and is purpose-built, so I hope it would be considered high-end price-wise. My late father-in-law spent 6-8 months living there before he died. He went in suddenly during a crisis, and when we came to settle his account, we discovered that they added two additional weeks to his bill as standard despite us promptly vacating the room & clearing his belongings. I understand a cap of £86,000 in an individual’s lifetime for personal care was supposed to be introduced in October 2025. I assume this is for care in your home as it doesn’t include accommodation, energy, food, or anything else.

Yes, averages can be deceptive! That still sounds pretty punchy, though…