Wig day

Morning all.

On Friday 26 July, what I christened Wig day, ( because I wore an MS orange wig ) to do my bit for Challenge60.

Wearing a wig was something I could do, (bit limited these days).

So I doned the wig and went round a few local places, raised a few eybrows from pacers by.

Went keeping my eye on the grandson while the grandaughter was learning to swim, shes only 18 mth old.

To the embarassment of the step daughter.

Anyway the point of the post is it raised £121 for Challenge60.

Don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I feel really good for doing it.

Not just the money, which seems a lot to me but in the scheme of things it probably not.

It’s the fact that I could actualy do something.


Good work Ronin :slight_smile:

Well done