Multiplesclerosis September Fundraiser

Hello All

i have joined the fund raising for September like many others out there. I am currently doing ‘wear a wig / wigging for m.s’ challenge and honestly speaking not getting very far despite using different methods. I think the main problem is the lack of awareness of multiple sclerosis, I had a appointment for physiotherapy today and even my therapist asked the reason why I was wearing a bright orange wig? I was at a well known hospital for m.s patients so was rather suprised why the staff were clueless. I was very disheartened at the lack of awareness as well as the charity notice board not having any announcements about challenge m.s and their activities.

Should anyone be generous enough to donate, I would appreciate it very much. Please contact me via private messaging on how to do so.

Any amount no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Through everyone’s generousity we will find a cure for m.s sooner rather then later.

p.s I personally will be at some point this month contributing a generous donation towards this cause. We are all in this together :slight_smile:


Hi Hassan,

Good for you in wearing the “Wig for MS”

I think, that it has not been advertised as a set date, because it was designed to be used throughout the month of september on the various fund raising activities/events that people take part in. (Marathon/half marathon’s , cake bakes, etc…).

The Wig is there to get people asking quesions and therefore you are raising awareness of MS aswell as fund raising, and yes when you “don the wig” you are at least completing one cause, maybe not so much on fund raising but you get people talking !!

Regards, Andy