Ignorance makes me angry

I really have to get this off my chest because Im so wound up!

I have decided to do some fund raising for the ms society and im taking part in the color run on Saturday (wasnt sure if i would be doing it due to relapse and waiting on a date for steroids) so i set up my fundraising page and asked about at work for donations. Im doing it with a colleague but we have chosen different charities!

I was told by 1 person that he was donating to my colleague but not me as her charity is more important! It really upset me and I just cant get what he said out of my head! Why are people so ignorant towards MS? Is it because its not as publicised as other illnesses?

I’m afraid I don’t think preferring a different charity necessarily indicates “ignorance”.

Your colleague’s remarks were perhaps rather tactless, but nobody is obliged to support any charity whatsoever, and, if they do, it’s entirely their choice which one(s). The problem is that there are so many worthy causes - nobody can support all of them, so difficult choices have to be made. You apparently think the other charity was somehow less worthy - not everyone might agree.

Do you think perhaps there might be a marketing issue, because of the particular sponsored activity you have chosen?

If I try to put myself back in the position of knowing little or nothing about MS (not easy, as I’ve been diagnosed with it five years now), I have to say an affected person “doing a run” might lead me to believe it wasn’t such a serious problem, and doesn’t devastate lives.

Please respect that charitable giving is just that - a gift. As such, no cause is automatically “entitled” to it - and certainly not more than any other.

I’m afraid, at work, I used to avoid these sponsorships, because of just this kind of problem. If you give to one, you end up having to give to all, otherwise it breeds exactly this kind of resentment: “Why was her charity better than mine?”

Please respect his right to say no. He probably would have been better just saying a polite: “No thank you”, rather than trying to justify it by saying the other charity was more important, but he’s entitled to his views.

Good luck with the run, and I’m sure that for everyone who says no, there’ll be somebody else who says yes.



I understand he’s entitled to his views. Im not bothered about the donation its just that he gave the impression that ms doesn’t matter.

I understand exactly why he picked the other charity as it has effected him personally but it was just the way he said what he said. Obviously im being over sensative

I guess so.

Because MS isn’t a fatal disease (defined as such if it causes death in a matter of months - or something like that).

Even though most people do know of MS (at least where MS is in relatively prevalent like the UK, unlike say, India) it’s affects are usually slow.

I guess the lack of knowledge is why there is “MS awareness week”.

ProfG at the Barts MS blog has said MS needs action as there was about aids as the MS drug scene is bogged down in beaurocracy and nihilist doctors. I guess MS usually blends in too easily to general ageing.

I think many people believe m.s. to be at least treatable if not curable and so they see pwms as not ‘worthy’ of their donations.

You’re not being over sensitive, but how I read it was basically what you’ve put. Maybe he just forgot to add ‘to me’ at the end of the sentence. Ms is just as important, just not as important to him. :slight_smile: Or maybe he’s an arse. :wink: take care, Andy.

What a graceless oaf. To say an undermining thing like that to someone who (a) has MS and (b) is trying to do her bit to raise funds at a time when she is far from well herself is rude and unnecessary.

His problem, not yours. But of course it is upsetting. If you can, stick your nose in the air and ignore it.


i would have been very upset too,they might just as well said that ‘you dont matter,’

some people,honestly !!!

J x

Of course MS fundraising IS important. Trouble is so many serious illnesses are underfunded.

I think MS is widely heard of, but not necessarily understood correctly…

Cancer charities get well funded…but I think more families are affected by cancer…

HSP funding is very low…the condition is rarely heard of, let alone understood…it`s the one I suffer from…


ps don`t let that comment from your office colleague ruin your day, eh?

Hi sammi i can tell you wear your heart on your sleeve, unfortunately theres so many charitys now that people pick 1’s that are close to them experiences of etc etc , thats why education is far more important as without educating folks most would not know the ins and outs or challenges faced by us ms’rs or the charitys around this topic, sometimes folks seem heartless but in truth they may be having a bad day or most probably dont realise what they say hurts, bearing in mind most nights on the tv nearly every break for adverts results in some charity asking for money and most folks are fed up with it, ive been involved in different charities for nearly 21+ years and yes giving has become less and less as we just dont have it to give, ignorance im not sure, but educating is the key all the best

respect sheep

I always like to fund raise for the MS Society to raise awareness as much as funds at times…but alot of people don’t understand MS, whereas cancer or heart disease etc pushes all the right buttons…