60 years and going nowhere?

I cared for my wife for 25 years and she died 8 years ago Throughout that time I was aware of the MS Society but so far

as I could see, at the time, it offered no practical assistance with our struggle due, in all probability, to the basic fact that

there was nothing to be done. We both came to accept this over the years.I have today been asked by a friend to sponsor

a fund raiser for the society and this has brought to the fore my frustration regarding the seemingly total lack of progress on

any front regarding this evil condition. Trust you will forgive me and beg you to concentrate your efforts on funding research.

sorry for your loss roy.

8 years must seem like yesterday.

you shared her struggle and that must count for a lot.

i did a cake bake but was so disappointed to only raise £100.

still i suppose everything little helps.

it does seem strange that science has progressed so much and yet a cure is still not on the horizon.

carole x

Hi, MS is the name given to the end result, not the cause, because no one knows what causes MS. I personally think there are several causes, eg. Lyme disease, bad diet, stuff we use on our skin, in our homes, stress etc. The list is never ending, and is why I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all solution. Modern medicine seems to be looking for a chemical solution to treat symptoms because that’s where the money is. It’s all a bit of a mess really. Heather

Just want to say, you are in my thoughts Roy and I hope one day a cure for MS is found.

I hope you are coping and managing to find some happiness in life.

Take care xx

Thanks for your support Roy,

My daughter is doing run for MS society this weekend, every pound helps.

Jen x

Hi Roy,

I sympathize with your view. I am not sure if you are actually endorsing the fundraising, or expressing reservations. I have always found it a frustration with the MS Society that it does not seem possible to specify your gift go directly to research. To me, nothing is a higher priority than trying to make MS a non-issue - if not for us, for future generations - either because it will be curable, or will become a completely manageable condition. It should be possible to specify that you would like your donation (or bequest, in the case of your death) to be allocated in this way, but as far as I know, it isn’t.


Hi, I send my belated condolences and wish you a happier future.

With regard to MS awarness and fundraining, I reckon it`s up there possibly being around 2nd to cancer charities.

I do think money is spent in buckets in research. MS being such a hugely varying desease, it must take eons and a shedload of money to come up with anything really useful to its sufferers.

I was told I had PPMS for 12 years and there was nothing but symptom relievers available then.

After those 12 years, my diagnosis was changed…to a little known condition ie

hereditary spastic paraparesis

ever heard of it? Possibly not, as it is not generally known to anyone who isnt affected having it, or having a relative/friend with it.

HSP coffers re pitifully donated to.

Hey-ho…the effort continues to find a cure to both and other deseases, eh?

luv Pollx