Head getting shaved tomorrow!

I’m having my head shaved tomorrow morning (completely bald) to raise money for my local MS Therapy Centre. I’ve bought glittery temporary tattoos to stick to my scalp for the couple of days it’ll take before I have stubble growing back, but I have come to the conclusion that I’m going to freeze in this weather. Has anyone had experience of a sudden lack of hair, and how did you keep your head warm? - I realise that, as pretty as they are, glittery stick on tattoos do not have much insulation and I have a variety of hats looked out, I’d like to do something different but practical, until I have enough hair to keep my head warm. It has been pointed out that doing this in May would have been a more sensible time, but I didn’t think of it then :roll: Luisa

You are really , really brave! I have hair down to my waist and so have no idea whatsoever about keeping warm with no hair. Well done God luck and BIG HUGS XXX

lals02 wrote:

I’m having my head shaved tomorrow morning (completely bald) to raise money for my local MS Therapy Centre.

Brrrrrrrrr, Luisa, that’s BRAVE :o on a winter’s day like today. I hope you’ve been photographed by all and sundry (i.e. the press) looking bald and beautiful in the name of awareness and fund-raising - well done, you! Lolli xx

Thats a noble act; I salute you amd direct you to your nearest outward bound style store for some funky but warm headgear! Clarexxx

I Take my hat off to you :smiley: … very brave As others have said… get some funky hats V

when i was younger i had hair down to the middle of my back and one morning id had enough so it all had to come off it will only take a few days and you will get used to it. I promis, .James

We need an applause smilie! Well done you!!! I hope you raise loads of money :slight_smile: Karen x

Thanks for your replies. The hair came off this morning, my lovely hairdresser donated her time and also some cash and buzzed my head, so I have action man stubble now, and my total raised is £563! (at least - there may be more donations to come) I am amazed at the generosity of everybody who gave me money, they’ve been so kind. I tried a few hats and unfortunately, because my hair is at the velcro head stage, it’s only the hat with the satin lining and the cotton “fishing” hat that don’t stick to my head - I’m hoping that this will only last a few days until my hair starts to grow back in. I do have a couple of wigs, and I’m planning wearing one to a fancy dress party in November, but they’re both black (my hair is naturally a strawberry blonde ginger colour), I can’t really be bothered colouring in my eyebrows, and I don’t feel the need to replace my hair just now - it would be different if I hadn’t chosen to do this I think. I’m just so cold, it’s unreal, but worth it for the money raised I think. L x

Congratulations :smiley: … Well done and it’s great that you have raised all that money :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: The fishing hat sounds good, hope your scalp isn’t itchy now :lol: V

You can get some knitted hats which look like a cat’s head, or a monkey and other things I can’t remember. If you live in Bristol, I’ve seen them on the stalls in Corn St, outside St. Nicks market. Wearing a hat when you have no hair, or very short hair, means it won’t ruin your hairstyle due to static electricity. Which is one of the reasons I don’t wear hats. Even when it’s snowed unless it’s really essential. Which doesn’t happen thanks to MS and my avoidance of public transport! No waiting at train stations in the middle of winter for me any more!

Good for you, Im sure you’ll adapt quickly and who knows you might just set a trend in your area :lol: Clarexxx

Well done Luisa, Thank you for raising the awareness of MS and getting donations too. What about a trappers hat that comes down over your ears? or a fashionable beanie hat? Jen xx

Thanks guys - I’m in Aberdeen, so it would involve a bit of a trek to get to Bristol, but thanks for the ideas, I’ll check out Ebay. My hair needs to grow a little before I can wear a beanie hat without it sticking to my head, but I don’t think that’ll be too long a wait. I’ve never really had an issue with wearing hats and having static hair - my hair is quite thick, that’s maybe got something to do with it. £568 now, amazing! L x