Morning all

I am going to wear a wig on Friday to raise money for Challenge60.

I want a sponcer form but can I get one.

I have asked the MS Society for a form but all I get is an e-mail saying people can use facebook or go to the challenge60 site to donate.

Perhaps it’s the people in Oldham or because most of my friends/aquantance are like me 60.

They don’t want to donate online they want a traditional sponcership for and do it the old fashioned way.

My partner can take it in work and loads of people will donate but on the net they will not, well meaning though they are they may say they will but they will not.

They want a letter headed form.


Hi Ronin If you google multiple sclerosis sponsorship form you can print one off from there I’ve copied the link for you [PDF]MS Society sponsorship form - Multiple Sclerosis Society www.mssociety.org.uk/sites/.../MS%20Society%20sponsorship%20form.pd… 24 Jun 2011 - multiple sclerosis; running valuable programmes to improve the quality of … Please return your sponsorship form and donations to: Make your … Sue x

Hi Ronin I replied to your post but its been sent to mods for approval :frowning: think it was because I copied and pasted the link to it! If you type into google multiplesclerosis sponsorship form you can print one off from the 1st link that cones up, hope this is of help to you & good luck with chalenge60 Sue x