Wicked Wednesday!

I’ve no idea why it’s Wicked Wednesday… just wanted to get your attention and I see it worked! The other day I had a spasm in my lower back… only lasted a few seconds… but in those few seconds I managed to strain my Gluteus Maximus! Yes yes yes it’s the huge muscle across your bottom… so I’ve been dealing with a real pain in the butt for a few days! Lots better now thank goodness. Just the odd twinge. And someone advised to practice what I preach and to rest! How right they are… however terrible I feel I still manage to force myself to do little jobs around the house and make myself much worse! Hope everyone is doing ok? I get the feeling we’ve all been in the wars recently, symptom-wise. Don’t know if it’s the weather but I hope everyone is doing ok… despite this awful weather! And really hoping that none of the gang are in flood areas. Take care all and have a Wicked Wednesday, Pat xx :wink:

Wicked Wednesday…like the sound of that lol. Yes, we all seem to have been in the wars recently, got to be the weather cos I havent done anything different to normal.

Torrential rain and gale force winds here, bloody awful in fact, although I am lucky cos we do have some people flooded in Gloucestershire, my heart goes out to them all.

Hope your ‘bottom’ pain is easing Pat, and yes, take your own advice, and rest!

Pam x

Hello Pat, it is indeed an awful day. The weather is wet and windy. Fortunately we live in the highest part of East Sussex even though those at the lower end of town are sometimes prone to an over flowing brook. A couple of miles away the usual flood area is still dry-fingers crossed. Yes I’ve felt a bit grim lately and it has not been helped by the time of year. Never mind, we’ve booked a holiday in Wales and are now getting carer’s allowance. All the best, Steve

Pat,so pleased Maximus is on the mend! Hope you’ve been doing as you were told? Also feeling a bit grim … hoping it’s the weather then we can all look forward to feeling better when spring arrives. As Pam says weather is also grim in our part of the world. We’ve been so lucky…we are totally waterlogged but not flooded, thank goodness! Fantastic news about your holiday and carers allowance Steve. Well done! Take care everyone, Nina x

Hi Everyone.

I agree, this weather can’t be helping mood. I really feel for those with flooded homes, the poor farmers who had to get rid of their animals and have lost their livelihoods. My home is my sanctuary and I don’t know what I’d do in their circumstances. I live in North West England and we’ve had severe gales, my garden has taken a hammering but that’s nothing.

It’s no wonder really that we feel down with the constant gloom and being unable to get out and about as we usually can but I’m just relieved we’re safe and sound. I’ve had fabulous news, I’m getting a new central heating boiler as my poor dinosaur is not working well and I’m going to get a toilet upstairs (really good for me, which is sad really) and I’m going to get all those jobs done while my belongings are still in boxes as I’m not moving house any more.

I hope Maximus behaves Pat, and your holiday to Wales is after the current storms Steve, and the rest of you remain warm and dry. My shingles is breaking nicely, I hope it’ll be a Thankful Thursday for all of us. Take care.

Cath xx

Glad your pain in the bum is easing Pat. It sounds funny but I bet it wasn’t! Rain and wind yesterday was utterly awful. We have a brief hiatus today - sunny, calm weather. However, it’s going to change tomorrow again! So sorry for all those flooded people and those without power! Teresa xx

Glad your pain in the bum is easing Pat. It sounds funny but I bet it wasn’t! Rain and wind yesterday was utterly awful. We have a brief hiatus today - sunny, calm weather. However, it’s going to change tomorrow again! So sorry for all those flooded people and those without power! Teresa xx

Yes Cath, thankful Thursday is good, but listening to the weather for tomorrow I think it ought to be Freaky Friday lol

Glad things are looking up for you. Hope everyone has a good day today.

Pam x

Oh I like Thankful Thursday Cath! Had a lot to be thankful for today. Both of my sisters came over and we went out for lunch and round the shops… talked non stop of course… exhausted but happy… and very thankful! Maximus is almost better, just the odd twinge, but was on mob-scooter for a couple of hours without problem. That would have killed me just a couple of days ago. Think you’re right Pam… Freaky Friday tomorrow… feel ever so sorry for the people in the floods. Must be hell. One chap interviewed the other day on news had just bought his house… first time buyer… he started crying on camera and naturally I started crying too. I remember all that excitement of first own home and then so terrible to be flooded out. Yes very thankful not to be in floods and very thankful to London’s Thames flood barrier. Pat xx

Hi Pat,

i feel so sorry for the poor people affected by the floods,its heartbreaking isnt it? i am pleased that i live in a town built on 7 hills and we live at the top of one,i am pleased i dont have the worry of floods,i dont know how i would cope with it i reallt dont,winds here reached 90miles an hour and i thought my windowws were going to be blown through,and we have 6 ver very large oak trees just at the back of our garden,and if one of those become uprooted and crashed onto my house,there wouldnt be much left of it,i always get really scared when we get severe gales.

lets hope we all stay safe these next few weeks.

J x

To continue with the rhyming weekdays you started, it looks like we’re in for another stormy Saturday and sunny Sunday, I’m looking forward to the latter. Surely this can’t carry on for much longer!!! And to think that two or three years ago they were on about the drought and water restrictions.

Stay safe everyone

Cath xx

Roll on sunny Sunday Cath x

Pam x

Yay for wicked Weds… and sorry I’m late

Work was busy last week and we went out Friday for a lovely valentines day dinner

Then on Saturday, we woke up to a bleeping noise and after looking around and trying to work out what it was (next door), we realised the electric was gone. By mid-afternoon it was feeling a bit chilly and Rob went out to get candles & food. At about sevenish we went out in search of food as it was dark and Rob was a bit mifffed at the idea of salad for dinner, gluten free cold stuff if pretty limited!

Anyway, by the time we got home the electric was back! So at least we could boil the kettle and make a hot water bottle

Hope everyone had a good weekend food really was the only good bit for us.

So Sunday was all about frantically using up electric - washing machine, hoover, kettle, shower, hair dryer, tumble dryer, oven, hot radiators… bliss!

Sonia x

Oh Sonia…made me laugh. We don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone… Pat xx :slight_smile:

I loved that too Sonia. We used to lose our electricity regularly as we’re quite rural and can relate to that so well, hope it’s all sorted now xx

Our phones were probably put on charge less than a minute after walking thru the front door

I now know where I can borrow a camping stove too… and I never thought that would be one of my life priorities

Sonia xx