WHY ???

Why ,three simple letters that pose so many impossible questions why me? why this? why now?

trying to find the answers lends done the road of upset and disappointment

so best except it, it is what it is, move forward,and try and be positive


I would rather it be me then any of my children. I am glad if someone had to be picked it was me, not them. x



why not you?

i too am relieved its not my siblings or children.

yes its cr*p and very hard but life is challenging for everybody with different issues.

you dont need to accept it but you will find your way of dealing with it on a daily basis anger, resentment, envious of apparently able bodied folk etc etc.

and you will-it wont be the same way as me or anybody else on these boards but support is here in many different ways so use the posts you like and learn from the ones you dont!

take care, ellie


strange thread – implies that if we have m.s. then our children/siblings wont have it. In my case this is not the case! And no, we don’t ‘accept it’ nor do we ‘move forward’ - tbh not sure what that means


Agreed. Why anyone at all? Buggering MS. And as you say Krakowian, it could be you and your mother, sister, children. Or you could have something worse. It is what it is.

And I for one don’t want it in my life. Don’t want to accept it, and am unlikely to see any positives.


Well, I’ve had my moments of rage and despair when I’ve asked/shouted, “why me?”. I was a young at heart 55 year old when diagnosed and was hit with rapid loss of mobility almost from the start. I was very fit and active with a zest for life and travel. I’ve asked why not give it to some of the rapists, murderers, paedophiles,people who are dying anyway and don’t have long left… Sorry if this seems unchristian or wicked, but it’s how I feel sometimes. I’m coming to my fourth year anniversary and use a wheelchair outside. A rollator indoors on a good day. I try to tell myself I’m lucky to still be able to use the toilet unaided and dress myself. Scary days I ask myself, “for how long?”. I can’t find anything to be positive about and while I’m sure acceptance of the condition would be great, right now I certainly don’t accept it and doubt I ever will.