Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all keeping nice and warm. Just thought I’d give you an update on my latest ‘relapse’ or exacapation. I have now excepted that ok I’ve lost some vision in my left eye and are unlikely to get it back. My walking has become much more difficult as the left leg has joined in with my right leg. Unlikely I will get it back to how it was, but I had great fun the other day as o/h and I went shopping in Sainsbury, me on my bat mobile and o/h was walking with the trolley. Up and down the aisles we went, every one of them, when we had finished I wasn’t tired worn out but poor o/h was exhausted. We won’t be doing that again but oh boy did I enjoy it. So thanks to everyone who supported me when I felt down, but now I’ve accepted it’s worse so onto next stage of life, I’m happy again.



glad to hear your good news!

batmobile sounds ace

carole x

Hi Janet

I’m so glad you are feeling more positive. The batmobile sounds like a good move, you’ll have to watch out, it sounds like hubby may be wanting to borrow it :wink:

Tracey xx

Thanks Carole and Tracey, he’s not getting anywhere near my bat mobile, he, he!!!



Hi Janet, it`s good to hear you are feeling more positive.

This is what I try to tell people, who get absolutely exhausted when going out walking.

I`ve been a full time wheelie person now for 9 years.

Wheelchairs may not be what we would choose, but if our legs and stamina are failing, then why not? Why put ourselves through the pain and stress of a possible fall.

Most shopping centres offer the loan of a wheelie.

I`m so glad your post is sending a good message to everyone.

luv Pollx

Hi to everyone and thanks Poll you are so right it does .make life easier