why oh why?

i feel so so down at the moment! no reason why its just the way i feel

lonely, useless and tearful for no apparent reason,



Have a read at this MS Essentials http://www.mssociety.org.uk/ms-resources/ms-essential-10-mood-depression-and-emotions .

If you recognise your issues in it you will know where to go for help.


Hiya Mick,

Unfortunately it is all part of the lurgy (MS). Feelings; happy; sad; euphoria; depression are cognitive functions which shows you must have lesion/s on your brain.

These can and do heal; hence attack; remission, how long it will last is unknown; the old space and time scenario. Try not to worry about it mate; can only make things worse; easier said than done I know. See your doctor; don’t suffer in silence.

I hate metaphors especially I got MS but it hasn’t got me but to put it simply; MS is not a stop sigh it is traffic humps; you will feel better.


Hello Mick,

I have had more than a hefty slice of depression since I have had MS, but please be aware that emotional changes are very much part of the MS plan. The disease does afterall affect the spine and brain so we can be attacked on either. I used to be given Prozac, but I find by far the most effective is the pill Citalopram. There may be side effects but I have not noticed any. So don’t suffer in silence, and do ask your GP for more help. I am sure that he/she will be as chuffed as nuts, as no GP likes us blocking up the waiting room do they?!