Why oh why Re esa and dla

I got a letter about my ESA this morning was feeling good as someone believes me. So was feeling good. Than about one hour ago got phonecall off DLA wanting to know when do I trip myself up is it daily my answer yes when I’m tired it’s as if my foot sticks to the floor. What about on carpets not on the kitchen floor. yes it don’t matter where I am I can fall anywhere. do you have handles to stop yourself from falling yes but mostly they are up the stairs which I don’t use as I have a vertical lift. I wish I had remembered to tell her everything which has been done since my dx I told her I have a stick. But my foot still sticks to the floor I feel like I was being I interogated like she expected me to trip up (no pun intended) with my answers. Than she had the cheek to ask me why does it happen. I had to stop myself tell her to look on the first page it’s on there what see what complaing I have.

I know they are trying to get the ones who are on meant to be on it. But the genuine ones are being caught in the crossfire I felt drained.

Can’t wait to put claiming for the PIP the one from CAB who came here to fill in the DLA for me told me under no circumstances try to fill in the PIP by myself as they are of the impression a couple of the questions are there to trip people up.

Al x

Hi Al, I know hun. All this stress and form filling is driving us all up the wall.

I`ve just got the esa letter and i``m in the support group. But I worried about it all the time.

We are genuine and will be ok, but that doesn`t stop us getting upset, frustrated and all.

My DLA will become PIP in 2 years…more angst.

luv Pollx