Why Are My Symptoms Being Dismissed When Diagnosed?

I feel so deflated right now.

I have experienced lightheadedness and a persistent headache since Saturday with on/off itchiness and frequent pins and needles.

Just come off the phone to MS nurse and she said it didn’t sound like MS but to get checked out. I’ve looked at websites before deciding to get in touch with her and thr MS sites state otherwise.

Why then is she saying otherwise?

I am guessing it’s because a lot of MS symptoms aren’t specific to MS - my MS nurse keeps reminding me that I shouldn’t assume that any problems I have are down to MS and that I should also check with my GP

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Funny, I have found this a few times, but felt like maybe it was just me being overly sensitive. Totally understand that we should not write everything off as MS as this might mean we miss something else, but I do always feel fobbed off.