Why are Meals of Wheels so expensive?

All I want is hot lunch!

A few years go I used to do short courses at the univeristy and enjoy a hot meal for £2.30.

As my hands are getting worse, I find I can’t prepare a hot meal for myself at home. I spent most of

last week home alone eating toast or porridge oats. So, I thought perhaps I should ask

about Meals of Wheels - which is called Community Meals in our area.

It is so expensive! £4.15 for a hot meal with pudding.

Why is it so expensive?

Does anyone use this service?

Is it possible to get a Health & Wellbeing grant to help with the cost?


Hi Fay, no idea what they taste like but what about the ready meals that can be bought in the supermarket they would be a lot cheaper I would have thought.

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Try these.

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the problem is for a meal and a pudding even on whiltshire your talking about the same price.

I juggle with tescos i can buy two nice meals for 6.00 = 3.00 each but then a pudding well thats the crunch it will still cost about 4.00.

You can buy cheaper meals but i dont think they are as nutritious and are fattening.

I buy mashed potatoes, frozen veg and fish and stuff in freezer and its just a case of putting it in microwave. I dont cut up things.

I dont think there is a grant for food.

I do know a slow cooker is a great way to cook you can buy the meat and shove in a sauce and leave it all day, then just add a 2 minute rice, or some nice new potatoes already prepared.

Ask your local social services if there is money for a grant for the food. x

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Wiltshire Farm Foods are good; you microwave them for say 6 minutes; you don’t even have to pierce the cellophane cover. Then you have the problem of tearing the top off; when it is boiling hot. If your hand/s are not very good this is a problem.

Also, WFF does not sell things like Dettol; washing tablets; bread etc.

The best idea is the person who suggested a slow cooker. You put the roughest meat in there and after 4 hours; o longer it comes out so tender.

Iceland is about the cheapest and is very good. You can get a meal for one for as low as £1. Everything is microwaved from frozen; take the cellophane top off when cold.


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