what do you eat when you are too fatigued to cook?

Hi, I need some advice, I am often too fatigued to cook for myself, and need something that i can mix up instantly. I have looked into meal replacement shakes and soups, but I couldn’t find any I could afford. I have also tried baby food, but I am not keen. Anyone got any ideas? xxx


2 things work for me.

I cook extra on my good days (weekend) and freeze 2 or 3 portions.

I use a slow cooker on my ok days

On my bad days (after work), I defrost the prebooked frozen stuff and have that. Usually stew, curry or chilli. Dead easy to reheat & not tiring.

hope you get lots of other ideas.



I love my porridge. I buy the individual sachet ones to make in the microwave.

You could use whole milk if you need to up your protein intake, I use semi- skimmed. Sometimes I add dried fruits, depending on how I’m feeling. Or a banana

On a morning a sprinkle two tablespoons of linseed hemp over…increases the protein and other nutrients.


Sorry, not linseed hemp-shelled hemp

Erm…Half a pack of milk chocolate covered malted milk biscuits?

No, I know this isn’t good, but it’s New Year soon - enough time for good resolutions then.

But in general - baked potatoes - with all kinds of filling - tuna, or cheese, or baked beans. Tonight I’ve got one with tinned sausages and beans. Should be comforting and filling.

I like the Tilda steamed rice range - prefer it to Uncle Ben’s. The sundried tomato is my fave. Put that with a “Look What We Found” microwave meat sachet - they do quite a few, but the chilli is my favourite. I always find them tender - no nasty gristle chunks. Whole lot takes under five minutes. Add another 20 minutes if you want to heat a garlic bread or something to go with it.



I love beans and cheese on toast dead quick and easy and one of your five a day

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I love baked beans, and know they would be good, but I can’t open the tins anymore, my hands are just too weak, even with the ring pull thing i got. I often think " sod it" and don’t bother with tea lol. But then I lay awake all night hungry. That’s why I need something like a shake or soup in a sachet, but I can’t find any cheap enough. What about vitamin supplements? Is there one I could take that would give me all I need so I can just eat what I can? xxx

Am I imagining things, or can you buy baked beans in a resealable fridge-tub now, instead of a tin? I know they’ll probably be more expensive - everything more convenient always is, but you really to have to eat something, and no, there won’t be a supplement you can take that is a complete meal substitute. Even if it was nutritionally sufficient (which it wouldn’t be, because you wouldn’t be getting any energy, even if you were getting vitamins and minerals), you would still feel hungry, because a couple of pills won’t fill you up.

I’m sure there are devices for people who can’t manage tins, but I am not the best person to ask.

Toast and a glass of hot milk would be better than nothing. It’s not a balanced diet, but would be better than going to bed hungry. I say hot milk, rather than just milk, because then you’d get something warm inside you.

You have to make the effort - it’s important. There are other activities you can just give up on, but eating isn’t one of them. And it’s a vicious circle, because the less you eat, the weaker you’ll be, and the less able to do it.

Are you claiming the daily living allowance part of PIP? You should be, if you can’t prepare a simple meal by yourself, even if it’s out of a tin.



I get DLA, low rate care and high rate mobillity. Have already given up doing loads of things I love. on’t want to have to give up anymore XXX

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Try to eat something! What is in the house that you can open? Is there bread that you can stick in the toaster? Is there any cheese or jam? Is there a banana? (Banana sandwich and a cup of tea?) Anything!



I had a sandwich and a satsuma earlier, that will do xxx

That is better than nothing, but if, by earlier, you mean lunchtime, that’s not good enough, and you need to think about another sandwich, if that’s the best you can manage.

I know it’s a funny time for it, but bowl of cornflakes? Someone else already suggested porridge.

Nuts? They’ve got loads of protein and calories.



by earlier, I mean 4ish xxx

That’s rather a long time. Have you had anything else today at all, or was that your food for the day?

Even if you can’t manage a meal, try to have some hot milk and a biscuit or something. You shouldn’t go to bed with nothing since 4 - it’s cold tonight!

Sorry if I’m sounding like your mum, but this is worrying me. Anything at all is better than nothing - please try to have something!



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Please don’t worry about me. Was only asking for ideas. I have more than enough fat on me to last a while lol. I had breakfast and lunch too. xxx

If I wasn’t sticking to Slimming World I would probably be eating microwave meals you can get anything from roast dinners to pasta dishes, ten minutes in the microwave and you have something hot to eat. Ok so they’re not the best tasting or most nutritious but it’s better than nothing. I live on egg and chips, chips in the oven for half an hour then the egg takes two minutes, couple of slices of bread and I’m sorted. (Just in case anyone is wondering the chips are McCain rustic and are 1syn for 100grams and the eggs are free fried in a non stick pan with 1cal fry lite.)

Anitra is right you can buy baked beans with a screw on top or even in tubs with a peel back cover that go straight in the micro without having to be decanted. I know it’s difficult but you need to eat regularly to keep up your strength

Jan x

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Weetabix works for me xx

Supermarkets do little bags of rice and veg that you heat up in the microwave - they are quite nice. And porridge is also a good one.

Like many others I cook large pots of stuff (one pot food is a great thing) and then freeze little individual portions. Its like home-made ready meals

JBK xx

For over two years I have lived on ‘picnic food’.This consists of Deli food,raw carrot,tomatoes,all kinds of fruit,wine gums,three cups of black coffee and ten Marlboro Light.I’m lucky in that I can eat the same food day in day out.I am totally immobile but can transfer with difficulty.I live alone and once christmas is over I’m going to buy some care,specifically to help me get dressed,onto my road legal powerchair and out the door.I don’t think I can justify more than 1000 calories a day,so have to keep an eye on the coffee and cigarettes.


there are all kinds of gadgets made to help open up cans and lids, just google them :slight_smile: or talk to your gp/nurse and they might be able to get them for you for free (even tho they are really not a lot of money)

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