• I have M S 65yrs old, live on my own, also have a problem with passing out due to my blood pressure dropping ( broke my ankle a few months ago ) I am unable to make regular meals for myself due to the extreem fatigue can any one reccomend a solution please. Sorry about any spelling mistakes
  • Christine

Hi Christine,

I’m not sure if PIP or its predeccessor, DLA apply, once you get to retirement age, but I would have thought you would qualify for some kind of extra help in the form of benefits, in recognition of the fact you cannot prepare meals properly - or at all. You could then use the extra to buy more pre-prepared stuff (it is NOT all junk - I rely a lot on ready meals - it’s possible to get quite tasty and nutritious ones).

Alternatively, I wonder if you’ve been assessed by social services for any possible help with cooking?

Finally I don’t know if Meals-on-Wheels still exist, or what the conditions are to qualify. Might be worth an enquiry? Can your GP help with accessing social services?

If you have an MS nurse, can they advise on benefits at all?



Hi, I think Meals on Wheels no longer exist, but part of my DLA personal care component, provides extra moeny as I cannot cook, as i would be a liability to myself.

I also have Direct Payments which pays for care…this includes paying someone to cook a hot meal for me.

why not ask Social Services for an assessment?


My dad has meals delivered from Wiltshire Farm Foods. They have a good range of ready meals. all main courses include vegetables and can be either microwaved or oven cooked. You can order online or by telephone and have them delivered on a day to suit you. The driver will even put them straight into your freezer for you. Their prices compare very favourably with supermarket ready meals and are much better quality (sometimes, dad gives me one to try ). Their puds are yummy too!

Tracey x

Hi Christine,a difficult one for you…I’m fortunate in that I can open the fridge and eat whatever is in there.I keep it ‘stocked’ with three days supply of ‘picnic food’.Samosas from the deli-counter,sliced cooked meat etc.Along with salad,plenty of tomatoes tons of fruit, breakfast biscuits granola,flap jack and wine gums if I’ve been a good boy,I’m not wasting away.I can’t walk at all,so cannot justify big dinners and go really floppy after more than two minutes of shovelling

This may not be suitable for you all the time, but it may “Keep the Wolf from the door” every now and again.Apparently the nutritional content of some foods is higher if not cooked…Salad and wine gums for example.

Sitting on a tartan blanket,

Wb x

My mum used to have Wiltshire Farm Foods - they are a friendly company that deliver at the time they say - and the drivers are good - put the meals straight into the freezer. Mum says she wants Ronnie Corbett to visit. Lately, l have been getting her the ready meals from Waitrose as it not far away - a small store for getting around - and l can park right outside. Their selection of ready-meals are much nicer then Wiltshire Farm Foods. And they usually have an offer - like 3 for £6. Her favourites are chicken and prawn jambalaya - liver and bacon - gammon and parlsey sauce- she likes the thai curries - she has a varied taste for a 90yr old.

Yesterday, she came with me and did her own shopping. She buys loads of bananas and apples - nectarines - cherries. We ended up with enough ready-meals for 3 weeks. lt is only the fruit we need to ‘top’ up.

Most of the supermarkets will deliver if you order online - and most sell ready-meals that are ‘small’ for people with little appetite. Mum does sometimes make a meal do twice.

Hi Christine,

Not to be rude but you are too old for PIP but Attendance Allowance is the one you need.

I also have bad fatigue and there’s no way I can peal and chop let alone fry or grill. I rely on ready meals which I get from Sainsburys (have them delivered) I also do “assembly” meals that just require putting on a plate like ready cooked chicken and salad bowls. I also like birds eye cooked to perfection fish. You just shove a pkt in the oven, I add some new potatoes to the baking tray to roast at the same time. Add a pack of ready prepared microwave veg and Bobs your uncle. All my meals need to take about 5 minutes of effort – any more and they will still be in the fridge next week.

I used to feel incredibly guilt about not cooking “properly” but even an omelet is beyond me so it’s a case of eat ready meals or don’t eat!


I discovered ‘Look What We Found’ when I went gluten-free, but I still buy from them now :slight_smile: a lot of their customers buy their stuff for camping trips and the like.

If my husband is out I can still make a meal without too much trouble, I struggle to stand by the evening so I don’t want to mess about too much :slight_smile: Their food comes in sachets that you can microwave or empty contents into a pan and warm through. It’s got a very long life shelf-life BUT it all tastes amazing (and fresh!) and they support free-range farming etc. so you know where the meat is sourced from, which meals are gluten and even dairy free. They do soups and rice puddings too. In fact they do plain rice too now.

All in all I think they’re a pretty pukka company and they give you offers too like free shipping and money off if spending a minimum amount.

My only criticism is the portion size is a little small - micro fries or some bread on the side and it’s about right tho. My favourites are the lamb hotpot, rose veal stroganoff, rice pudding and mushroom soup.

I don’t know if that’d appeal to you Christine but I find it really helpful to have a stash of their meals in our kitchen. I’ve only been recently diagnosed myself but they’ve been a feature in our house for about 18 months now. My husband teases me and calls them my pet-food sachets :slight_smile: He asks if I want some of that if he just wants beans on toast and can’t be bothered to cook. They really are simple.

Good luck in finding some solutions

Sonia x


Something we do is cook something really big like a big pot of curry or chilli or stew, and then divide it into portions & freeze them. Then we’ve got an easy meal when we’re not able to cook for whatever reason. We also always cook double of everything so that we can have the leftovers the next day. Obviously those options still involve the effort of cooking, but it’s probably cheaper than ready meals. Whether or not it’s tastier depends onhow good a cook you are I suppose : )


Dan, l do the same - l like the one-pot type of cooking. Sometimes l use the ‘slow cooker’. l start preparing the veg/meat during the day when l have more energy/strength. Then cook slowly - either on the hob/oven or slow cooker. OH, is one for ‘freezing’ the left-overs - whilst l do not mind eating the same again - heated up in the micro the following day. l like to cook a large amount of veg and steak mince slowly. Then l can turn it into lasange/spag bol/chilli/moussaka/or just cottage pie. l also make crumble in a large amount - and kept in the fridge l can use it on rhubarb/plums/apples - and cook in the oven or microwave.

Last night we had Morrocan Chicken - and there is enough for two more meals. The leftover rice the dogs will eat - and l can cook fresh - or cous-cous which is so easy - like noodles - just add hot water or stock. lf we have potatoes - l never peel them -even for mash - leave the skins on thats where the vitamins are.

ln cooking, l do use a lot of lemon/lime/ginger/chillies/coriander which l keep frozen. Then l take out and grate the ginger lemon lime - and chop the chillies and just crumple the frozen herbs. lts a great tip!! - Passed onto me by friends.