Well savings are quickly dwindling now, so what benefits should I be applying for, have already applied for PIP nearly 2 months ago and still haven’t heard anything (tried phoning but can never get through) but anything else that I should be trying for? I’m finding the benefit system a complete maze to be honest.


Have you tryed the Gov sites on the net.

Have a search on the net there are lots but the Gov sites are best.


Hi Sorry can’t be any further help. I have applied for Pip but not sure what other options are available. Have you tried calling the MS society helpline as I’m sure they will be able to help or tell you who can. Barney


Not sure what your situation is regarding working age benefits, but if you are of working age, but unable to work due to sickness/disability, try looking into Employment Support Allowance (which replaced Incapacity Benefit). You may be entitled to that.

Best wishes


Yours is a very difficult question to answer without knowing more information. Like:

Your age
Have you paid NI in the last 3 years?
Do you have a working partner?
How much savings do you still have?
Do you pay rent or mortgage?

A good website to try is Turn2us. You can input your personal information and it will give a guide to which benefits you may be entitled. Once you have that you can research each benefit (or come back here and ask questions) The benefits system is complex but like all mazes there is a way through you just have to know the direction to head off in.


Hi, I’m 52 and was made redundant last year but have been doing contract work this year but had to stop working since May due to a relapse or moving into PPMS (no one seems sure)

Mmm, I’m going to take a look at the website Jane mentioned - I’m also waiting to hear from the PIP application and I’m self-employed doing contract work (which always seemed like a good idea til this year crept up on me!)

I want to carry on working while I can but it’s scary out there, me and my husband are doing work we hate right now just because the client likes us… so we feel obliged to take the safe option, just in case I suppose!

Sonia x

OK, that gives us a starting point.

You are working age so there are two basic options.

  1. Working Tax Credits to top up earnings if you need to work part time due to your illness. If you are disabled you need to work at least 16 hours. If not it’s 24. Partners earrings are taken into account .
  2. Employment Support Allowance. If you paid sufficient NI contributions over the last 3 years you will be entitled to contribution based ESA (If you meet the physical/mental criteria of course) if your NI is lacking it would be income based ESA which is dependant on savings and partners earnings etc.

It is not possible to comment on other benefits like CTB and HB or be more specific without going into lots of personal details so do give Turn2us a try where you can input your info confidentially.

Thanks for the advice will give them a try. Cheers all.