Should I be applying for PIP

Hi! I’m really struggling with the decision of applying for PIP or not. I currently work 19.5hrs a week and work have made lots of adjustments for me so I can’t complain, however I’ve been off work for the passed 5 weeks suffering with the brilliant fatigue. I went back for a week because I felt as though I needed to get back to normality but ended up coming home exhausted again yesterday?! I have 2 young children so it is really important to me that work doesn’t get the best of me, although it took a while for me to figure that out. I haven’t suffered any big attacks or anything it’s just the constant need to rest/sleep that is taking over my life! If any of you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x

Hello. Try taking the online test on That way you’d at least find out whether you ought to qualify.

Or you could look at the guide on Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

(Do both, then you’d have a good idea of whether you’d get anywhere!)

Be warned, it’s not a quick or easy thing. Even if you are certain you’d qualify, you might need help with explaining how your symptoms affect you, and how how fit the Descriptors. So if you think you’ll qualify, try to get help from the CAB or another welfare rights service. At the very least, consider joining Benefits and Work. They charge about £20 per year, but it’s worth it for their guides for members.

You will also need to provide evidence of what you are saying on the claim form, so you’ll need to start collecting letters from your neurologist, MS nurse, Physiotherapist, bowel and bladder nurse, anyone else’s you see who can back up what you say on the claim form.

If you decide you should qualify, then do it, it’s money you are entitled to and once it’s done, it’s money you could do with.