Thinking of applying for PIP

Hi everyone,
I’m thinking of applying for PIP. I was diagnosed with RRMS in Oct 18 and have been on Avonex since Mar 19. I work full time and I’m finding it so tiring which is then impacting my fatigue and symptoms. I’m lucky mobility wise, so won’t get any points in that respect, but I do think I’ll score about 9 on the daily living part. The biggest thing I’m worried about is would I be waisting their time because I’m a low scorer? I know I’m fortunate in the grand scheme of things and compared to others.

I’m also struggling to think how I’d describe my fatigue well enough. For example, some days I’m so fatigued after work that I can’t prepare a meal, but I don’t use an aid, I just ask my husband to cook or we get a take away. I know I’m lucky to have these options. Basically, my life has reduced to working 35 hours a week, falling asleep at lunchtime, doing nothing in the week after work, but managing a few social things when I’m fresher at the weekend, or off work on annual leave. So, I’m basically knackered and thinking I could use the PIP money to replace some of my lost income if I was able to reduce my hours at work. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you. Jo.

Hi Jo

There’s a couple of things you could think about.

First, have you taken the PIP test on or Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice ?

Second, have you got some written evidence to support whatever you’d be basing your claim on? From neurologist / MS nurse / physiotherapist / anyone else?

Third, can you spare the brain power to complete a long and complex claim form who’s outcome is unpredictable? Imagine making your fatigue worse only to be turned down?

Fourth, if you stated on the form that you want the extra income in order to cut down your work hours, you’d probably fail to be awarded the points you think you’d qualify for.

I don’t want to be utterly negative, I just know what it’s like to complete a PIP form. Stressful and difficult. And that’s for me (and I used to work in benefits so know the rules plus am very disabled with lots of evidence!

Having said all that, there is nothing to stop you making a claim. Use all the resources available, eg the info on the CAB site or join benefitsandwork. Take your time, try not to get stressed and more worn out than you already are. Get your husband or a good friend you trust to read through what you write. Make sure you keep a photocopy of your completed form. And once it’s in the post forget all about it.