How to claim PIP

Suffering since 2015 my gp kept ignoring my symptoms even though my MRI in 2015 clearly showed Lesions .
I’ve been officially diagnosed with MS recently I’ve had few big episodes in past optic neuritis numb leg and few more I april I went to A&E with disabling conditions got my mri done again and lumber puncture so finally got official diagnosis

Since then I am back on my feet but offcourse struggling on day to day basis.
so my question is

if I apply for pip what evidence shall I provide I dont have much proof as most of my appointments and results were done over phone I only have hospital admission letters and lumber puncture report.

Do I have to wait 3 month to qualify im on sick leave at the moment.
I’m not completely disabled but have had 4 falls recently severe dizziness

Hi, welcome to the club no one wants to join.
You can claim PIP when working, so I don’t see why receiving SSP would affect it, but someone more knowledgeable than I might correct me if wrong! You could always ring up the benefits agency and ask the question about whether you can claim PIP straight away, bearing in mind it will probably take quite a few weeks/months to be processed anyway, depending on the backlog.

The LP results plus a letter from your Neurologist or GP should be sufficient as official diagnosis evidence, but worth keeping a historical timeline to show when and how you were affected by MS relapses.

Good luck with it all.

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Hello Sofia

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Here is a guide to PIP: Check if you're eligible for PIP - Citizens Advice

In short, PIP is designed to assist people with personal care and mobility needs. For this reason it is split in two. It isn’t easy to learn all the rules about PIP, but basically the idea is that you are assessed according to specific ‘descriptors’ within a number of ‘activities’ and assigned points depending on your physical and/or mental needs. This is a brief table showing the points system:

You can complete a short test to see if you’re eligible here:

It’s worth taking the test before looking into the benefit any further because making a claim will take you quite some time. If you’re not going to qualify, it perhaps isn’t worth starting it. Plus, you will have to get some evidence of your level of disability, from your MS nurse (if you don’t have one yet, maybe you should get in contact with yours by phoning your neurologists secretary and ask for the number to ring), GP, physiotherapist or other people who know you well and what level of help you need.

As you say you’ve only recently been diagnosed, you probably don’t have the documents necessary to prove your physical needs. It may be in fact that you wouldn’t qualify, the level of disability which qualifies you for PIP is quite severe.



Hi @Sofia1 join Benefit & Works as SSUE suggested as they are very helpful also yes take the PIP test.

PIP. Stands for Personal Indepependant Payment.

its down to how dependant are you on aids, support etc. What aids you use, how you cope day to day.

I even took a photo of all my aids and explained why i used them lol.

You have proof i am assuming a neurologist saw you in hospital to give you the diagnose and should have followed up with contacts of MS nurse (they can help). the hopsital admission letters and LP report all these things ok. But now you have been discharged who have you been discharged too?

I found its best to describe your worse day as MS is variable as you know. Falls should be documented, i.e. I use a rollator in the house to stop me falling etc as i fall easily… I am not safe on my own walking so have help because of getting dizzy. Document it. I am assuming you have all these safety things in place… How do you cope with personal care, dressing do you use aids etc. Can you cook safely, understand budgeting, can you plan a journey (mobility), that is why i suggest you do the test. Its quite an eye opener and has changed since I did it a few years back.

Your GP should support you.

The point is why do you want to apply for PIP? iT is very stressful to do so. I warn you of that. perhaps go first with application for a blue badge, or contact adult social services and tell them you have been diagnosed with MS and in a relapse can anyone help you…they can send someone to do a care assessment and this care assessment can help with the PIP application, and they may also advise you have an OT assessment sounds to me you should have one.

whatever you decide good luck. If your not using safety stuff i would urge you too, it doesnt make you more disabled, it STOPS YOU FROM GETTING MORE DISABLED…I.E. preventing falls etc. xxxxxx


Please explain that to me how it works as I’m completely new to this I thought I will only classed as in need of walking aids etc if I’m being recognised by DWP ( I think I’m totally wrong)

I had few falls recently due to balance and dizziness I don’t go our I don’t drive these days and stay in bed
I’m waiting for physio appointment and MS nurse for Dmt’s option other then that I have no idea how to get help.

I thought if I qualify for Pip only then I will get support I need lol

Thanks all for your replies I really appreciate it I have no one to talk about everyone in family says it will be fine but no one understands my struggle

I struggle with cooking well I don’t cook anymore avoids bath ad had 2 falls while getting out of bath waiting for physio appointment or something.

I’m on my bed most of the day or I manage chores in morning when I’m bit fresh rest of day I stay on my bed lol

I’m waiting for MS nurse to ring me for Dmt’s Ms clinic Dr did say he will put me on different medication for my dizziness and will work with my walking but I didn’t ask when and how lol

not necessarily. OK if your in the UK ring your local ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES TEAM, they will or should come to you and do a full care assessment. This is great as they will support you and point you in the right direction.

This is YOUR RIGHT ok. you can get the number just google ASST in your area. its how i did it hun. xxx