Received some good news today . Apparently I cant have MS because I am not disabled !! Well not according to the DWP anyway . I scored exactly zero points in both my initial and appeal letters . Not really sure what to do now . Has anyone else been through this ?

Did you do the forms yourself??

Did your send MS Nurse or GP care plans or GPs letter etc.,?

Statements from paid or unpaid carers on how they help you with everyday living???

Did you have the help of the Citizen’s Advice with completing the PIP forms?

Get professional help - plus create evidence of care.


The PIP form is a social care needs and mobility analysis. So, less about the actual medical condition, but more about how the condition affects your ability to performs daily living tasks or get from A to B. Basically - how dependent you are on carers. Thus evidence of care is essential.


Ask your GP or specialist nurse for a care plan, OT, physio reports, carers assessments are good to send, a letter from your GP [will cost, but worth it] on your care needs is also essential - plus signed statements of care given by professional or informal carers and relatives, either paid or unpaid. All of these social care documents provide excellent evidence for PIP which must be included with your PIP form.

Ask the Citizen’s Advice for help.

Good luck!


PIP Letter Tool

How to Win PIP Appeal

Challenging a PIP decision - appealing the decision

Thank you Fay,

I’m always grateful for PIP assessment advice.

I’m still waiting for that brown envelope to rattle through the letterbox.


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Hi Anthony,

Be prepared!!

Here is the PIP form. Start typing your answers on a google doc.

It is long - and aims to trip you up.

Get your care plans and other GP letters ready - you will have only a few weeks to do all of this - and your GP, MS Nurse might be on hols when you need them most to support your PIP claim.

Ask for help from Citizen’s Advice now - start writing it now.

Seriously. Do it all now. Have it all ready.

Ask me if you are stuck on any questions.


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Apparently, everyone will have been invited to apply for PIP by September this year, but should the deadline not be met they are aiming to by December 2017. Tracey x

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The DWP look at your daily living & Mobility needs and not the name of your illness. I don’t know how long your problems have been evident or when you were diagnosed. I also don’t know your specific problems.

I know I was turned down by PIPs predecessor DLA two years after diagnosis. I now get PIP but have no care plan. I am still lucky to work. If you were unsuccessful with the appeal, you can apply again using the advice given by others.



I second Fays advice that evidence is the key to success.

I included evidence from:

  1. Consultant Neurologist,
  2. Physiotherapist,
  3. Consultant Urological Surgeon,
  4. Consultant Colorectal Surgeon,
  5. Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine,
  6. Senior Bladder and Bowel Nurse Specialist,
  7. Clinical Psychologist Specialising in Neuropsychology,

Locally, the MS nurse post was vacant, else I’d have included a letter from her too. Obviously, your list will be individual to your situation. Make sure that you refer to whichever piece of evidence confirms your statements.

Some other handy links

PIP activities table detailing the points for each descriptor:

CAB guide to PIP:

Benefits and Work website which has useful, up to date and accurate guidance for PIP and ESA:

If you can, get help with the claim from the CAB or another welfare benefits advisor.