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What do I do if my MS nurse fails to produce report to back up my claim for PIP? I asked her in the clinic on 14.2.18 and 3 times on the phone since and each time she says she will do it but still nothing - my form has gone back to dwp and i know i can submit medical evidence up to F2F but im scared she is not going to help me - i cant keep calling her -I feel really let down and upset as with no evidence im scared of losing my car - any advice?

hi my ms nurse told me that she cannot provide letters as she has such a huge caseload. i was always copied into letters to my gp from consultants so you can use these. if you have a care plan, enclose that. i felt that i hadn’t sent enough evidence myself and had my benefit reduced to standard from enhanced. however if this happens get support from welfare rights or CAB and make a request for mandatory reconsideration. mine was again rejected but i continued to fight until it was heading for tribunal. the stress was immense so i told my welfare rights lady that i could not face it. she asked me for permission for her to request a hearing on paperwork only. the tribunal accepted my paperwork as evidence and my enhanced benefit was restored. it was the exact same paperwork that the DWP had rejected three times! my advice is to fight it all the way! carole x

Do you have evidence from elsewhere? Letters from your neurologist, physio, continence nurse, other professionals?

I sent my MS nurse an email more or less telling her which descriptors I thought I fitted into. She wrote a letter that suited what I had said in the form.

Your MS nurse may indeed be snowed under, but should make the time. However, the rules for PIP are so complex, she may not feel confident about writing such a letter. Sometimes it’s a case of (briefly) explain what the letter should say. I more or less spelt out what I wanted my physiotherapist to write and she did exactly as I’d asked. Then when I needed evidence for ESA, I got her to write a note on the bottom of the PIP letter to fit the different criteria.

I suspect that the benefit rules added to a heavy caseload are perhaps making her keep putting your request to the bottom of her pile. Why not phone once more and ask her point blank if she is able to do it?


Sue has a good point, your MS nurse may not know how to write a letter that supports your claim.

If you write it for her and just ask her to sign it then you will get what you need. If you leave it to her you may not get a letter of evidence that meets the requirements of the DWP.

Draft a letter that states your diagnosis, who by and when. Describe how MS affects you. Don’t understate your symptoms.

The PIP form is divided into two parts, Daily Living Activities and Mobility Activities.

Daily Living Activities covers;

  • Preparing food,
  • Taking Nutrition,
  • Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition,
  • Washing and dressing,
  • Managing toilet needs or incontinence,
  • Dressing and undressing,
  • Communicating verbally, reading and understanding signs symbols and words,
  • Engaging with people face to face,
  • Making budgeting decisions.

Mobility Activities asks about;

  • Planning and following journeys,
  • Moving around.

These are the only areas that have a points value which the DWP count to decide what award to give. They will not count anything that is not included under these headings.

Under each heading describe how MS affects you. For example, Under “Preparing food” if you need help to cook a meal write “Needs supervision or assistance to either prepare or cook a simple meal.”

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Not sure what you can do MS nurses have so many patients.

DWP just phoned my MS nurse. Which worked for me.

Good luck

GPs are the most important for PIP evidence

The GPs will write a Factual Report on you for the DWP - they are contracted to do this by the government - so go see your GP and tell them about your functionality re. the PIP descriptors. Tell your GP what help you get with driving, washing, dressing cooking etc.,

Get your GP to write a ‘To whom it may concern letter’ for PIP and pay for it

(mine cost £13).

You also have a legal right to a Care Plan from your GP for PIP. You can include this too

or take it with you to your PIP interview.

Also get Carers Statements (signed) on what they help you with, and how many hours a week they help you. (This can be informal carers relatives or friends etc.,. unpaid or paid care) This evidence helps builds a picture of your daily care needs.

Good luck!


Note: Not being able to drive indicates poor functionality and will score points.


Thanks Carole - i just dont think i have the strength, energy or time to fight this - im so exhausted and my GP is useless i never go to him about the MS - i dont think hes even aware that i have it! Thanks for replying .