GP/MS Nurse reports on disability

I have outstanding appeals with DWP against ESA and PIP. They’re demanding evidence from GPs and specialists.

Has anyone had any success getting quantitative proof of disability from any of their healthcare providers?

My GP had told me last year that he was unable to provide evidence, referring me to my MS nurse, who is so overwhelmed with her case load that she hasn’t even responded to my request in February this year…

Hi db,I have a very good MS nurse and she wrote a letter for me to send with my ESA forms.The letter was stark and to the point on how MS can effect me and what may happen in the future.Hope you get some better luck.

When i see my consultant or MS nurse they always write a report and send it to my doc and they always send me a copy as well so i have used these as evidence for my claim.Perhaps your doc has been sent some reports he can copy for you as we are allowed to see our medical records now if we wont too

Good luck with things. Katy.

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You can also request copies of hospital examination notes and hospital letters to GP’s. They may hold evidence of your MS such as walking ability for example. There may be a £10 or so admin charge payable to the hospital for this. I have done this before.

Have you seen any other medical professional such as physiotherapist or OT that know of your MS.


I’ve had a referral for OT since May… I’m going to request physiotherapy tomorrow at my GP. I had been put off this in case they say I need a walking stick. You know the old adage: Quicker to stick, quicker to chair.

I’ll also be asking my GP for a medical report, but I don’t think he will, given that last time he asked me to go to my MS team if I needed help. I’ll ask for any medical reports or evidence they may have - but I’ve never been evaluated based on my relapse symptoms, which is obviously which cause the issues. I had attacks followed by an MRI and a diagnosis and drugs based on the knowledge of previous attacks and on the MRI findings. I have never had an evaluation such as EDSS.

Very frustrating stuff.

Hi I have requested all my medical notes from my GP surgery before going back 3 years. Also I was also allowed to look at all my medical notes going back to when I was much younger, the practise manager sat in a consulting room with me to do this. I was able to get the copies and see the GP medical notes by asking the GP Practice Manager in an email as they need the request in writing. They were friendly and helpful and it was no problem to do. They do charge for copies but it is to pay for admin changes again. It doesn’t take up any of the GP’s time.

I forgot to mention when I got the copies of the hospital medical records direct from the hospital they have an administrator for medical record requests. Again it was no problem getting the copies of hospital medical records. I guess it’s freedom of information.

It’s covered under SAR (subject access request) part of the data protection act.

It may prove useful, however as I’ve never actually had an evaluation, i doubt there would be useful recordings I could use as evidence. But a very useful point to bear in mind and may be worth my while.

Thanks Lenney