ESA & 'scrounger' paranoia!!!

Hi all, went to see my GP this morning to ask for an OT referral for a wheelchair.

While I was there I asked her about how to get a letter from her when I get my ESA application form (I’m still on IB).

It wasn’t till I got outside that I was overcome with a fit of paranoia… what if she thinks I only want the wheelchair to help with my ESA application!!!

In my head I hadn’t connected the two things until then!

Also, she said that I don’t need to ask her for a letter, that ‘they’ (Atos or DWP?) will ask her for a letter.

Is that correct?

I was under the impression that it is better to send a GP’s letter in with your application.

Thanks for any advice…

Pat x (the look on my face when I realised she might think I’m a scrounger… even though she knows all about my MS symptoms)

Hello Your GP is incorrect, the DWP or ATOS will not ask for a letter. The onus in on the individual to provide supporting evidence for the claim and will also be the same for PIP. All the best with the wheelchair assessment. s4ar

They sent a form to my GP for him to fill in. I know this as I asked for copies of all the info that DWP used to make their decision. I received this as well as copies of all the evidence I had supplied. It is an ESA113 and asks for symptoms and medication as well as tickboxes to indicate the area in which the applicant has problems eg walking, picking up objects, continence etc.

It’s just over a year since I applied; I suppose it could have changed in that time.

Sarah x

I can understand what you are saying. The postie delivered wrongly our post to someone on our road and when the person who got it delivered it to us I saw it was benefits informaiton for me and my OH, who is my carer. Now I dont think for a minute that they opened it but the atmosphere and dare I say attitude since they handed me our post is different and uncomfortable.

I don’t know what the problem was but it began when they handed over my benefits post. I refuse to be outwardly upset.

If only they knew but no one not even medical people and even neurologists know uless they are in same position.

Give all the information you can. s4tar it correct that as far as atos ia conserned the onus is on you. They have targets to meet and in my opinion, being resonable or honest isn’t one of them. So as yoda would say “may the force be with you”.

Hi Pat, firstly, you don’t come across as a scrounger, and your gp will know that you are not. You are not a scrounger. I don’t know about including a letter from your gp or not. I’ve only ever applied for dla and that was back in 1996 and a review about three years ago. But, I did not include any supporting evidence either time so if they wanted any more info they must have contacted gp, neuro themselves. But this probably isn’t up to date info. Good luck with your referral for a wheelchair. Cheryl:-)

My husband recently changed from incap to esa and we sent copies of everything he had in the way of letters from hospital, consultants etc. These were quite old (2008/9) but the decision came back within a week to put him in the support group so they couldn’t have had time to contact anyone and must have used what we sent as evidence?


Of course anyone asking about your health MUST ask your doctors for a proffessional opinion. Anthing short of this would be crass and rediculous.

The DWP do for DLA; if ATOS do not we the taxpayer are giving £millions to a French company. I’m sorry but there a bunch of A TOSsers.


Nay lass…I really dont think your doc wouldve thought badly of you. She knows you well enough, i`m sure.

Good luck with the wheelie application…be prepared for a long ish wait.

luv Pollx

My gp asked how my ms affects me this time, first ever, so perhaps theyre now taking an interest in peoples disabilities. Or perhaps they know theyll all be asked for letters to confirm a patients abilities? Either way its best to keep them informed of any bits of us which arent working well, relapses, strange symptoms etc, it goes without saying keep going if something aint right anyway.

Im sure your gp didnt think you needed a wheelchair so you could enhance your ESA, you need the one and the other follows.

Lots of people are worrying over this and the proposed PIP, do this government not know what effect it has on us and how we worry over little things which end up being larger worries?

Best wishes